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Erik Smith

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In Topic: New item: GM Door Handles

Today, 07:38 PM

Great. I just painted a 65 Chevy wagon with the molded in door handles.

In Topic: White Scallop Decals?

Today, 04:36 PM

Tom - here is a pic of the Fred Cady Scallops. I can't photograph the white, but the black is the same patterns (minus the missing ones). Let me know if any look like they might work and I can get a better pic or drop them in the mail.


In Topic: eine kleine V8musik

Today, 02:10 PM

Cool. I actually like the sound of any well tuned engine. Watching vintage racing is fun when you get a mustang, Lotus, and a V12 Jaguar in line...

In Topic: Tesla vs Hellcat

Today, 01:25 PM

Watching some videos of the Tesla at take off...smokes Lambos and Ferraris out of the gate - and that's the funnest part!  Eventually a $120K electric will put $200k supercars to rest...

In Topic: Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"

Today, 06:31 AM

Man, I knew things were going too well with my build. Nothing is wrong with the model,  but my employer is sending me to Washington (state) for eight weeks. I just cannot catch a break.

What's wrong with Washington? Wrong time of year, but...
If your going to be in the Seattle area and have time, Skyway Hobbies is a pretty cool little shop.
We are actually having one of the warmest, driest January in a very long time.