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17 March 2011 - 04:27 PM

WITHOUT A COMPUTER :mellow: . Dang that makes them even mo beta. As for supporting this hobby, I have done so for about the last :wacko: oh say about 48 years, since I was 8. :blink: :huh: . MAN now i'm sad :( thinking about all that cash :wacko: I'm going to bed now :blink:


17 March 2011 - 05:52 AM

Hey Dudes & dudettes, :huh: I normally don't-- do posts !!! BUT --I just have to speak up this time, I just received a few sets of these and WOW :D They are GREAT. MAN I'm simply ecstatic, I love em :wub: I just want to scream and jump around like a little girl :blink: :unsure: :huh: maybe not that much ;) I think you get my drift. But I'm very happy with these, and just had to say something. Thanks for letting me squeal :lol: B)

In Topic: Drag Radials?!

17 March 2011 - 05:13 AM

Hey dudes & dudettes, http://www.modelcars...tyle_emoticons/default/ph34r.gif This is my first post and I just wanted to ask Shucky if those tires are available yet ??? If so I would love ;) to get my hands on a few sets. PLEASE say yes :D . Jim.