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Chevrolet C10 pickup - Mr Bram Kustom Graphics

07 December 2013 - 07:58 AM



This time I wan't to introduce you this model that is built based on a real car. My Danish colleaque & friend Jesper Bram owns this C10 pickup.


Real car has long bed when Revell kit provides short one. I made parts for longer bed with 3D printing. I used Shapeways to create the parts.
Flake for the roof is made with children's party glitter hairspray.
Wheels/hubcaps are made from aluminium with lathe. Texts on tires & door logos printed with ALPS.
Stickers & detail according to a real thing.
I designed also some photoetched parts for this one. Diampnd plated tool box, rear lights, car club sign etc.
Mexican blanket is made with regular printer.
Stickers according to a real thing.
The real car.

VW Skatewagen

28 July 2013 - 11:36 PM

Hello dudes!


Here's my vision about the Revell T3 Volkswagen. I wanted to create a real graffiti/skate vehicle so here we go! There's not much modifications but I concentrated on little details, interior and of course that huge graffiti. Most of the details are scratch built items and graffiti is painted with brushes.







Skateboards, cap and screens all scratch built. 8-balls as tire valve covers also scratch built.




I used Alan Johnson Signature Brush and one of my own designed brush to paint the graffiti.

Stalin 1200 Kombi - fictive car based on comic strip

25 March 2013 - 09:05 AM



At this time I want to introduce you something quite odd... This is totally scratch built model. This is totally fictive and based on a Finnish comic strip. Fingerpori is very popular daily strip here in Finland. I collected as many pictures of this car I managed to found from those strips. After that I decided the measurements and details. Now it only needed some serious work...


I scratch built all the polystyrene parts. Seats have been made with cad. I created  3D-models and then ordered those seats from Shapeways. I also designed photoetched sheet for this project.


Yes, it's quite ugly, but it was very fun project to build!


Project topic can be found from this link:



...it's only in Finnish, but there's s a lot photos I took during the project.



Ford '32 Out of Scale

13 February 2013 - 10:36 AM

So this was quite quick project to do. This took about two weeks and this is built mainly using left over parts. I found a 1/16 engine and a 1/25 body from my storage and quite soon it was obvious what I was going to do with these...


That monster engine needed quite a lot room so I had to cut the body and other parts quite hard. There's no firewall at all. The whole front axle is scrathbuilt. Rust is made with primer-hairspray-final color -method.



Fiat 600 71 - 1:24

09 January 2013 - 11:07 PM

This is a model that I built to represent my parents car they used at ´70´s.
I used Gunze Sangyos kit as a base. I made some modifications and I designed few photoetched parts also.