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In Topic: Hardcore Scratchbuilding Question

28 February 2010 - 07:37 AM

Very Funny, Himmel! :rolleyes:

They are some non-commercial guys who run circles around me - like you! If you finish anything!

Below is a pic of what will hopefully be my GSL 2011 entry. It is called Twinwinder. The resin Austin coupe body will be remade in brass. The body will have a nose too. The twin Caddie motors will be blown. Aside from some of the engine and driveline pieces, it will all be scratchbuilt. I plan on doing my own wheels and tires, too.

I say bring on the scratchbuilding. Even those who don't do it will enjoy seeing what others can do. It's like the Olympics- lots of people watch even though most do not participate.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Looks like something a car-minded kid would draw.... I love it!

In Topic: Gluebomb

25 February 2010 - 06:08 AM

I like the plow... er front suspension.
This model was the first 'super detailed' and 'not show truck' one I ever built. Old farm truck with tools made from sprue and everything. Like the build!

In Topic: Slammed, Euro-Style Evo VIII (Lots of mods, different direction)

25 February 2010 - 06:04 AM

I did consider the luggage rack on the trunk, but I just can't get over my hatred for trunk-mounted racks. Thanks a lot for the tips, I'll be trimming it down a bit today. I've always loved the steelies on that Civic B)

Yea I love steelies too, but for a whole 'nuther reason.

And it's not Yokohama (thinking tires I guess :rolleyes: ) It's Yakima. Here is the factory URL for their baskets;
This is probably the model that Civic is using;

Posted Image
Mah baby 1:1. MMMMMMmmm... :wub:


25 February 2010 - 04:38 AM

Great... As a very poor hope to be soon bike Rider ( my 1st 1:1 Project bike is in restore mode ) all these guys without a way to measure the thickness will be buying up great leather vests and jackets from the thrift store :lol: Seriously thanks for starting the thread and showing us how to do things. Not to change subject but I have family in Portland and in WA. This place you use have anything that small that resembles snake skin?

My father used to make a lot of things out of leather, and if I recall correctly snake skin is just thin on it's on. But it wont be as supple, I don't think.

I think some of the people here who would like to put it in new cars would be do go to look into the "leather shirts" they make. If I'm not mistake they are a split skin (suede on both sides) and then are perforated to help with breathing. They hang like a thin cloth. Might even work for Bill Geary's convertible.

In Topic: Slammed, Euro-Style Evo VIII (Lots of mods, different direction)

25 February 2010 - 04:24 AM

While I hate to knock a build, I think the roof rack is too big. That looks about the size of the rack I have on my 1:1 K5.
It also looks too far off the roof.
Posted Image
I know that's a 2 door, but I think if you measure it will be much larger than anything Yokahama offers in roof racks?

Why not a luggage rack on the trunk lid? Don't see many of those!