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Rat Wrecker

25 April 2010 - 08:01 AM

I’m waiting for a set of wheels for another build so I decided to start another one… Too many on the bench as it is, but as you know it IS a sickness.
Lower part of the cab is from the ‘Lil Gasser. The top is a highly modified Chevy Luv bed cap. Fenders from a 32 ford, grill is an old Mercedes, The frame started life as a 1:32 scale Volvo semi, and the engine is a V12 Lambo out of a Contach sp? The boom is scratch built from household stuff, mostly.
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40 coupe...

14 April 2010 - 01:20 PM

Finished this today and thought I'd throw it up.. :P

I started out with a willy's gluebomb and accidently set it on top of 40 ford front clip. It looked cool so I started cutting.
Engine is a Desoto "Fire Dome" Hemi. The interior is the rear seat section of a 58 Impala.
I weathered the paint and added dimpled welds to appear like they were unfinished. Because my father always says, "poor country boys use what they have."
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Hope you like it. Comments welcome. :)

'69 Charger 500 Small shelf Diorama

29 March 2010 - 07:12 AM

VW Dave ask me to put this up, so here it is. :) My '69 Charger 500 ..kinda.. It started life as a wire controled Genral Lee I got around '80-'83? Just a toy. Only about a third was left so I built the small diorama to display it. I dremeled it all rusty, cut out and hinged the trunk,then added a tarp to cover the missing parts. Raiding the old parts box for a set of tail lights, a screw-driver trunk latch and a few other Charger parts left from other builds. The garage is made of wooden window blind slats with 60 grit sandpaper 3-tab shingels.. that took the longest. It was worse than doing REAL roofing. The fence is made from wooden coffee stir sticks, the posters just printed on photo paper. The leaves and yard debris are mostly popuri ground up in a coffee grinder. The boxes are brown paper bag and the cloths line is simply sprue heated and stretched.
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