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'69 Chevelle 300 Deluxe

05 August 2012 - 04:03 PM

It's finally done!!!

For those that haven't seen or followed my build thread, I built this car for a close friend of mine. He owns a 1:1 version of this car and times have been a little hard for him lately. He wanted a model of what he wanted his car to look like someday but he claims he is horrible at building models so I agreed to put this together for him to help him out and cheer him up. I thought it would be something nice to have in his garage so he can keep his chin up and keep dreaming about how much fun it will be to drive his car again someday. That was four years ago........

Obviously, there is no 300 Deluxe kit available so I had to shave all of the SS emblems, source a flat resin Malibu-style hood, scratch-build the door "posts" and also come up with a bench seat. I used a photoetch set for the 300 emblems and the grille. It also has Modelhaus front bumper, rear bumper and taillights as you know the AMT taillights are horrible. I'm extremely happy this one is done but I must admit, this build almost killed the hobby for me as it was a huge PITA! I had to remind myself several times that this is a shelf model for a guy that would probably be impressed with whatever I handed him, it's never going to be in a show, etc. But with the perfectionist in me, it was difficult. I'm aware that it should be sporting wing windows but they just wouldn't cooperate and rather than throw this thing across the room.....out they came.

So without any further adoo, here it is............FINALLY!

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