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02 September 2014 - 11:01 AM

I joined this forum in 2010 and thought this was a premier place for model talk,info,to show off work and just a place to make friends with others that share the same interest in this HOBBY.....a friggin H O B B Y !!!!! man I don't know what the heck has happened here lately but with all the bickering and hate and very un constructive criticism and the bashing of other members views and or opinions is just unreal.....it wasn't always like this that I can remember,oh sure you would have some now and then but it seems like everyday now.....its bad enough I get trash in my pm box here but is bad enough but at least those member have the decency to pm me in private but the stuff I been reading here is just ridiculous.....then you have people blame the moderators not doing their job to police it....c'mon it like anything else we have to act like adults here and be accountable for our actions here and show a bit of respect for other who are in this HOBBY and also what does this show new members or kids getting in the hobby which behavior like what been going on here lately?!?!?!?!?....yeah just where I would want to hang out.

I was always told when ya can't say something nice or be constructive about it then don't and if you got a beef with someone then do it in private,not for the whole world to see,I belong to one other model forum and huh it funny this BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH that happens here doesn't there and in the very rare few times that it did something was done about it right then and there......

Yeah MCM has soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to offer and for the very most part a great bunch of hobbyist and we have all learned or offered something at one time or another so for Pete sakes remember its a HOBBY not a way of life......with that being said I just hope I am not the only one getting tired of what has been happening here,I know this will spark another fire so lock this thread so it doesn't become a nightmare post..............Later

'36 Plymouth "Potato Planter"

12 August 2014 - 02:54 AM

...An old one done about 25yrs ago,based of a AMT modified kit bashed from other "roundy round" cars..didn't like the kit supplied hood so this was my first attempt at scratch building....this one will probably get a makeover in the near future,I want to ad wiring and plumbing to it,Kinda proud of this one for being a survivor from box to box and two moves and not one part fell off....again,feel free to comment,good bad,or indifferent...






HAHAHA 468 c.i.d.,just an intimidation factor ;D

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