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Question about Goosenecks

15 December 2014 - 07:25 AM

My question is, how do they work?.Well more to the point, when they are on the tractor and before it is ready to lift the trailer section, how is it lowered to the level of the trailers lifting pins? I know, hydraulically but, how in general. This has always bugged me. I am getting ready to build a Rodgers style lowboy and I'm curious. Comments

The Why's Of Scale Modelling My Opinion on Stuff

07 September 2014 - 08:27 AM

Yes, we all want stuff to be made, but. IMHO, It will never be done. We keep buying the same old kits over and over and over, and they never stop re issuing them, right. Just how many Mustangs do you really need. Does one in every color satisfy you? Aren't there enough 57' Chevy's out, or Jr's NASCAR edition, what about a "new" General Lee, It's much less expensive to do this for the manufacturers, but they don't even update or upgrade the molds, I mean really. I am of the opinion that this is why we don't get interesting kits. Printed kits or parts aren't the answer either, have you noticed the surface quality!! I myself have got a filament printer almost ready to go that I intend to use for prototyping of model parts.

             Resin cottage makers address some of this but still they're just 32'Fords or 36' Chevy's. I want to see more modern and correct tire and wheel sets, better trucks, both pickups and big rigs. More odd items, construction equipment, front end loaders, road graders, dump trucks. Why won't they re issue those kits, they sold once they'll sell again. I know, it's just my rant but, many of us have echoed these issues before and we still go out and buy another Ford Model T or Chevy Sedan.

Slag Pot Transporters ?

25 August 2014 - 08:39 AM

Not sure if it's the right place for this. I am thinking about doing a scratch build of one in 1/25th scale. I am the worlds worst net surfer and can't seem to find the over all width of one or even the common tire size. I have this though they use small earth mover type tires. What is a small earth mover? Every one I've ever seen is huge big man. So does anyone know what size tires are used on small earth movers? I must have a known dimension to scale the images I've used as references. HELP!!

I Didn't Think I Wanted To, But Here Goes!

05 August 2014 - 07:14 AM

I just read some, other threads here, in the auto resins section about, truck tires not having too much interest for sales. I'm not sure now if I really want to show these images. I have been playing with the idea of having a 3d master made and casting up a bunch of these for sale, but now I'm not liking it too much. We truck modellers don't really have too many options for low cost tire, wheel sets available so I thought I'd just make up some for short runs at low price points. Now though it doesn't look like it's worth it. But I'd like to hear some comments from the casters here about what they see in my images that need changes to make good castings. The wheel rims are made to work with the kit trim rings to capture the tires. So, what do you think guys??


I must be brain dead now I can't find how to add the images of my stuff to this post

Need Opinoins

28 June 2014 - 05:19 AM

I am thinking of creating a set of scale drawings for sleeper cabs and totters. I want to know if , i.e. sleepers are a totally buyer customized option, or stock options with customized features or both? I do not intend this to be a data base for prototypical sleepers but, a resource for builders wishing to have templates for their builds. Would this sort of thing be useful for our hobby ,or just pie in the sky. Constructive comments welcome.