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In Topic: '67 Yenko Camaro L-88 Stinger Hood

04 October 2014 - 08:13 AM

I got one years ago for the AMT kit, but I don't recall the caster. May have been from Drag City or PSF Hobbies on eBay.

The PSF offered a "Stinger" hood at one time for the 'AMT '67-'68 Camaro.

Unfortunately, it will not fit the new Revell `67 Camaro..I tried it.

In Topic: What cars interest you in resin 1/25

22 September 2014 - 06:46 PM

69-70 AMC Javelin
70-74 Maverick/Comet


The `68-70 AMC Javelin would be absolutely awesome.

Or a the AMC `71 Hornet S/C 360.

No one had done these cars in 1/25 scale since Jo-Han.

Additionally, a  `70 Ford Maverick would also be nice...to my knowledge it has never been done.

In Topic: What cars interest you in resin 1/25

20 September 2014 - 05:50 PM

Do you have a COPO number on that? It would probably be 955X or 956X. I've never heard of a COPO '69 Biscayne. I believe the 427 was available in the '69 Biscayne as RPO (Regular Production Order), just check the box when ordering, no big deal. B)

I do believe the 427 equipped '69 Biscayne wasn't a factory C.O.P.O. car.

If I`m correct, it was another Baldwin Motion Dealership car.

This was Motions bargain priced super-car offering the most bang for the buck, plus the element of surprise...a true street sleeper in every respect. 

See below link:



With that said a Motion Biscayne would certainly be a kit that I would buy!!!!

In Topic: What cars interest you in resin 1/25

20 September 2014 - 12:59 PM

    Really ?? A '71 Super Vega 454 ? Did they ever make ?  These fell out of the places that made them already rusted ..

      Sure I might be convinced I need a Vega in my Collection . Alas I build Factory Stock ........ where is a 454 Vega not Phantom ........   I've rode in a couple of Pinto's with 500 + HP 351 Windsors . Not factory built , Authorized , Sold at FoMoCo Dealerships , Warranted , wink -wink - nod - nod or in any Earthly way even  considered . To plunk anything with more weight on the front end than what Pintos come with opens Litigious Liabilities . . Nuff said ?? Lookie at GM now as then I suppose . If you insist 454 Vegas had this was Factory  Inspired or Implemented ... I guess this is so .         Thanx ..

Yep, Dimaxion thre really was a 454 cid Chevy Vega but; not from the factory...the `71-72 "Super Vega" was a Baldwin Motion creation.

The Baldwin Motion dealership gave you the option of having either a 350, 427 or 454 shoe horned into your Vega.


See three attached links and articles on the Baldwin Motion "Super Vega":






Motion "Super Vega" with 454 block burnout:



Tale of a 350cid `71 Baldwin Motion "SUPER VEGA"

Specs: Engine-LT1 (350 cid) with 425+ horsepower

Carb-Holly 850 double pumper

Intake-Edelbrock TM-1 intake

Cam-Motion Phase III drind cam

Ignition-Mallory distributor/Motion control box

Exhaust-Hooker headers w/ chambered exhust

Tramsmission-B&M Turbo 400 transmission

Rear-End- Narrowed 12 bolt w/ ET finned aluminum cover w/4:56 posi-trac

MOTION “Extras”- Green fiberglass flex fan, Motion valve covers,Stellings air cleaner, Gabriel “Hi-Jacker” air shocks and no-hop bars, wood Sport wheel, Sun tach and gauges, Hurst shifter, Cragar SS wheels, Motion”L-88” fiberglass hood w/ hood pins

Tires-Front-15x4.5 Moroso Drag tires/ Rear-15x7.5 BFG Drag Radials

Graphics-Red w/ White “Motion” strips

 NOTE: Motion GUARANTEED 10 SECOND 1/4 mile E.T`s with their small block Vega..OR THEY WOULD BUY THE CAR BACK!!!!

Driving the car is a thrill…its loud and it rides hard because of the no-hop bars and air shocks in the rear. The motor requires aviation gas or octane booster, it also idles fast and really reminds you of the way it used to be be with solid lifer cars and plenty of horsepower. With the manual valve body B&M transmission and the Hurst ratchet shifter you find yourself shifting constantly. Pull up to a light and everybody looks, in California most people don`t appreciate the “Baldwin” cars. Even some Muscle Car people never knew about the East Coast King O f Horsepower. Most comment with “A nice V-8 Vega!” or “What is that?”  I still have never run the car all the way through the gears full throttle, partly the because of living in a populated area and partly because fo fear of hurting my prized Muscle Car. When I have squeezed the throttle, it is a thrill that everyone should experience!! At 10-15 mph you nail the throttle and the rear tires give up a smoky haze until you left up on it. Once I stalled the converter and nailed the gas, the car LURCHED forward with daylight peeking under the front tires (I was told) and the entire time the rear tires were boiling.

In Topic: What cars interest you in resin 1/25

20 September 2014 - 04:20 AM

Did Yenko even make a Corvair Stinger in '69? I thought '66 or '67 was the last year they did those.  If they did, it shouldn't be too hard to bash one up out of the commonly available '69 Corvair kit.


Snake 45 thanks for the feedback.

I found the below listing with Yenko Stinger production numbers.

Of course everything you find on the web isn't always correct...lol.

With that said, I think any year (`66 thru `69) Yenko Stinger would be totally  cool!




The Yenko Stingers are relatively rare cars.  The production quantities were as follows:

  • 1966 – 100 cars
  • 1967 – 23 cars
  • 1968 – 2 cars
  • 1969 – 3 cars