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Revell Sox & Martin Pro Stock Cuda

21 June 2014 - 01:54 PM

Well I picked up the new Sox & Martin cuds today at my LHS and they still didn't fix the rear wheel well flares on the body, Come on guys !!!, the kit has all the parts for the stock version except the stock tires and stock decals,. The drag parts are nice, the carbs for the tunnel ram are a little flat, the decals give you a complete side red decal for the paint, the slicks to me are undersized, they left off any keystone mag wheels detail on the rims caps, Side windows would have been nice since no pro stock is allowed to run without them.But Revell fix the rear wheel flares issue, at the prices we are paying for these kits now we shouldn't have these glaring errors,just saying. Anyway I still think in some regards the Johan Sox & Martin Pro Stock Cuda kit is better detailed in some areas and it's 44 years old. I'm not saying the Revell kit is bad at all, they just did what was economical to get a pro stock kit out of their new tooling with just a few drag parts and decals added.