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In Topic: World's oldest running car...

17 April 2012 - 02:11 PM

Now I wish I had 4.62 million...

In Topic: If you were in charge of a model company

05 April 2012 - 11:33 AM

Stop relying so heavily on re-issues. Okay, the elder modelers like them and they can be fun, but often they are subjects which do not appeal t the younger modeler, and they are often more work than new tools just to put together. When I first started modeling as a teen, I was put off car models when the third car I built was a re-issue with poor fit and detail which I didn't enjoy building one bit (this was the late 90s).
I'd want to be issuing more new kits, and not all of older model cars. Kids are not as interested in those, you'd need to start issuing newer cars.
Convert all model tools to 3-in-1 style so every kit has optional parts, and actually update them so that you're not buying a 1970s custom interior in 2012, but a current style hotrod interior.
Also, have a small discrete icon on the box which tells you if a kit is a re-issue or not. Possibly put all the 'classic' reissues in their own series with their own distinct box art. Hell, have multiple series of kits with different box art aimed at different builders. Classic paintings for the traditional modelers, and flashy video game inspired versions for the kids.
Also for the video game riddled younger generation, how about magnetic custom parts so you can interchange them on the model once built? You could ship the kit with two or three different spoilers or whatever, and also make seperate sets just of body kit parts which could be swapped on.
Maybe develop a video game around the concept - look at what Lego have been doing with Video Games. Sales of bricks have taken a bit of a hit, so the company has diversified out into boardgames, video games and other areas. Not saying this will nessecarily work for cars, but the ability to build your own car for real to match the one you have in game is cool. You could even link up optional parts to game achievements. Maybe you get credit towards buying optional model parts through winning races or something.

In Topic: GM Three Wheeler

03 April 2012 - 09:18 PM

There has been very little porgress on the GM three wheeler...
On Saturday I collected a bunch of CNC workshop terrain kits my wargames club had won by porving itself the mightiest Warhammer/Warmachine club in victoria or something. I've been working on those a bit instead of the three wheeler.
Today I picked up some auto touch up spray in a nice pastel green shade which seemed right for a cheap and cheerful machine of the era. I've re-sprayed the dash and wheels with it (previously I used tamiya blue spray, but it was not quite right...) I've made templates for the front 'fender-shaped' trim, but it's gotten no further.
I've basically finished the first batch of CNC workshop stuff, but I got an email yesterday wanting a qoute on some ccustom built wargames terrain, so things might be delayed if that goes ahead...

In Topic: Auto ID #52 FINISHED!

02 April 2012 - 01:59 PM

Arrrr! The Great Grey and Green Land Whale! Whar be me Harpoon?

...I think I know this one, but I will need to think on it.

In Topic: GM Three Wheeler

29 March 2012 - 11:32 AM

Got the plasticard glued to the hood, and putty is now drying even as we speak. (Unless you read this tomorrow, in which case it's now dry!) I'll be using the stock 39 Chevy grille, but attached INSIDE a newly cut La Salle-esque shaped opening.

The paint colour has been decided, I managed to find some spare Chevy wheels to use in place of the 49 Ford units I was going to use (they were already glued to tyres, so I had to detach them and they were breaking... curses!). I've just sprayed the dash and wheels with Tamiya TS-15 blue.