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Stiles and Stahl 67 Super Stock

04 February 2013 - 03:17 PM

Hello all, I have been a member for some time, but this is my first post. Finally got set up on Photobucket to be able to post pics.


Below is the last drag car that I finished in the fall. It is the Stiles and Stahl 67 Belvedere II Super Stock. This is an RO23 Belvedere of which only 55 were built and only 17 were 4 speeds. These were Hemi powered factory racers delivered race-ready without heater, radio, body insulation, carpet underlay and seam sealer, the RO23s were hundreds of pounds lighter than stock models. They were all white with basic bench seat interiors. The cars were delivered with the stock Street Hemi round chrome dual quad air cleaners but had the special open style flat steel dual quad air cleaner with hood sealing foam gasket delivered in the trunk of the car.


To build this I used the Revell Sox & Martin GTX and made some subtle changes to make it close to a Belvedere. This included converting the front and rear seats to straight bench seats, adding the Belvedere chrome molding on the side and creating a stock style gas cap. I also scratch built the air cleaner. The decals are Fred Cady.