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1950 Ford brush trucks (now it is a twofer)

17 December 2014 - 05:55 PM

Trying to get something done while I have some vacation, so I'm starting a relatively simple project.

Using Revell's 1950 Ford F-1 to build a brush truck (and no it's not green). I'll be modifying it into a heavy 3/4 ton F-3 with a long bed, and adding a Marmon-Harrington 4x4 conversion.

Using this version of the kit, and one of the current issues to donate parts as needed.


First step was cutting the bed floor free. Revell cast this as part of the fenders / running board. After taking the photo I cut away the second kits floor for use as a donor.


Using parts from both kits I extended the bed from the F-1's 6 1/2 foot to an F-3's 8 foot (8" at the front, 10" at the rear). The wheel base will have to be extended 8" as well, from 114" to 122".

The putty shows where the cuts were made.


Technically this is incorrect, as Ford also widened their longbed by a few inches.

If one wanted to make a 100% accurate 8 foot express bed, the bed needs to be widened 6", the sides raised 1", the fenders narrowed, wheel wells added inside the bed, the floor rebuilt (Ford used the same number of boards, just a little wider) and of course a new tailgate made.

As the idea is to finish something for a change I'm just going to call this a custom longbed...

Italeri video game tie in

12 November 2014 - 05:26 PM

Not car models, but I've seen many comment that the model companies should be targeting kids by tying kits to car themed video games.

Italeri is doing just that but with tanks.


Automotive paint

08 November 2014 - 03:12 PM

Because of its age I had to have a pint of paint mixed up for some touchup spots on my car.

Since it is a color I could imagine using on a model (similar to Tamiya Mica Blue) and I'll have plenty left over, I'm curious about thinning it for that use. It is a fast dry acrylic enamel, can I use regular store brand thinner or should I get a can of the reducer they sell for it. I know they recommend the reducer for spraying a full size car, but don't know if that is necessary for the small quantity used for a model.

Not that familiar with automotive paint, I know the two part urethane paints are pretty nasty, but assuming this being an enamel I should be ok treating it like a standard rattle can as far as safety precautions? Air brush and spray booth with good ventilation being adequate. Is this stuff any worse than Tamiya or Krylon? I do have a cartridge mask available, but honestly rarely use it unless using something notably nasty, and then I don't want to use it in the house.

I know it may be hotter than most rattle cans so a good primer coat is assumed.


What iconic if slightly funky European car will we get next?

01 November 2014 - 05:59 PM

In recent years Revell of Germany has brought us some unexpected against the grain kits, Trabant, Mini, 2CV and several VWs.


Just for fun I thought I'd try to see what else was out there that isn't a European Supercar (somewhat in the spirit of the many Greg Myers photo posts...)



Saab 96

Built from 1960-80. Early versions came with a 3 cylinder 2 stroke engine, later versions could have a V-4 built by Ford Germany





Fiat 124

Approximately 2 million built in Italy between 1966 and 74. Many other countries built licensed variants including the USSR. Upwards of 8 million of these cars were built in Soviet factories for use behind the iron curtain where it was known as the Lada.





Peugeot 504

The 504 was built in France from 1968-83. It continued to be built outside of Europe until 2006 being popular in many parts of the world with less developed roads.   





Renault Dauphine

Probably best known for being compared with the Corvair when that cars safety was being scrutinized. Like the Corvair it has a rear engine layout and rear swing axle suspension. Unlike the Corvair it had a watercooled inline 4 producing a maximum of 37 horsepower.





BMW 2002

Built from 1968-75, the little 2002 helped to build BMW's reputation for sporty cars. 





Volvo Amazon / 120 series

Built from 1956 until 1970. Known in Sweden as the Amazon it was renamed the 120 series when it came to the US in 1958.





Citroen DS

The DS was a very advanced car when it was introduced. Built 1955-75 it had a manual transmission with an automatic clutch, hydropnuematic independent suspension, and self leveling headlights that turned with the wheels (non-US models). 



Volvo kits?

27 September 2014 - 07:06 AM

Other than the Tamiya Volvo 850 and a couple of big rigs, have any other Volvo kits been done? I know not the flashiest cars out there, but the 140 / 240 are iconic cars (1966-74 / 1974-93), and were even involved in a bit of racing. Many of their less refrigerator like cars were (are) quite a bit more stylish, Amazon, 1800, and 164 for example. The current cars styling and performance stands up fairly well to the sport sedans from Audi, BMW and Mercedes which all seem to get their fair share of kits.


Wouldn't expect to see them from the US makers, but maybe one of the Japanese or European kit makers?