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Battery cables, plug wires, radiator overflow lines, metal fuel line

11 August 2010 - 05:32 AM

Attached File  DSC06115.JPG   135.85KB   98 downloadsAll of these materials are used to tie flies.
Equipment: Micro-tubing, small wire or ultra wire, head cement or epoxy,needle, portable fire(lighter), paint of your choice, lead wire. This is my first thread, so I am open to suggestion and thanks for looking.

1. Insert small wire into microtubing, cut to size and paint.
2. Use needle to "melt" a hole into piece you are working on and insert tubing.
3. use head cement to glue in place and presto!

The needle can be cut and used as fuel line. it is also bendable and rigid. Hope this helps.
Try and be easy with my work! Havent built since I was a kid! Got back into it after Iraq. God bless.

the wire gives rigidity to the tubing, allowing you to shape the subject to you liking and keeps it where you want it.Attached File  DSC06116.JPG   139.4KB   129 downloadsAttached File  DSC06118.JPG   118.12KB   137 downloadsAttached File  DSC06119.JPG   128.46KB   97 downloads