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In Topic: 1926 Mack

15 August 2007 - 04:15 PM

hi all
I,m a Very Big Fan of OLD RIG,s and it makes a lot of fun to built them.

My first Topic in This area is the Great Monogram 1926 MACK Wood Hauler

built out of box accept a Little Detailing.
Here are The Pic,s ...hope you enjoy :)



Very, very nice work. Great weathering, detailing and overall execution. May have to find me one of them old Mack kits.

In Topic: TruckModeler.com website changes

12 August 2007 - 07:51 AM

Good luck with the site Dan. Tim, you did a good job while you had it.

A Huge "DITTO"!

In Topic: Kenworth Needlenose flatbedtruck W.I.P.

18 July 2007 - 12:33 PM

Hi there,
okay,let me try a short explanation what the machine does and how it works.
Posted Image
okay,the milling machine is connected to the computer network at our house....only 4 PC.
First I have to make a drawing on the computer for example with corel draw or an CAD program like Auto CAD ( I don´t have it because it´s very expensive)
With Corel you could only make some 2D drawings.(Auto-Cad could make 3D)
The machine could make 2D and 3D.
This is the drawing I made with corel draw.
Posted Image
It´s the correct scale on the computer.Than you have to open it with the software control for the machine on PC.
You have to fond out the correct point where the machine has to start and than you can go.......after about 15 min the parts are ready and you could start to build the model....
Abd here is what I made with those parts as a first try:
Posted Image
Posted Image

I have just started to try out what are the possibilities of that machine,but you could make other trailer parts and I think also windoframes for dioramas and special rims for modelcars and also things for smaller scales,maybe 1:87.
You could mill in styrene,wood,aluminium....
I want to build my old Gas Station also in 1/87 scale and I´ll try to cut the windowframes wiht the milling machine....A lot of things....but always have to make the drawings...the the most time intensive part of the whole thing. When I get really frim with that machine I want to build modelkitparts etc for sale....but I´m only in the test period at this time.....

So I hope,you could understand my explanation...feel free to ask or if you want me to make some parts as a try please contact me......


Greetings Chris -

Thanks for the general overview of the new machine and how you are using it. Wow, if you will be doing more than one version of anything, especially if it is custom, once you get it drawn all you have to do is drink coffee and watch that TV you have while it does all the work. ;)

A very nice item to have at your disposal and it really sounds like you'll be getting a lot of use out of it given the future projects you have planned.

Thanks for sharing - oh, and I understood you just fine.

In Topic: Kenworth Needlenose flatbedtruck W.I.P.

13 July 2007 - 07:40 AM

Hi there,
thanks for the kind words....
Last week I got my new computer aided machine and just started to make some tries.
Posted Image
I added some parts to the bed of the truck and made the whole parts for the trailer with that machine.First I had to make some drawings on my PC and than let the machine work....
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

While I´m working on this prototype of trailer and bed I´m changing some of the drawings for better and faster work.....

Scott,yes,you are right...there are a lot of trucks I´ve posted during the last years....
JimB I think it´s a Kenworth W-model but I don´t know which number,maybe a 925....but I could be wrong.

Chris, you have it looking really great and boy would I like to have a "hobbie room" so nice as your's. I like the others sure hope you do NOT have another flood! At least not this century :P

Tell us more about this new computer aided machine. Name, model where you got it, what you plan to do with it and how do you use it. Maybe even a short tutorial?? Sounds like it has some very exciting possibilities for our hobby.

In Topic: Kenworth Needlenose flatbedtruck W.I.P.

08 July 2007 - 05:55 AM

Chris, really nice start and love the bed work. What are you using for reference material to do this build? Anything besides imagination?