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1968 Plymouth Detroit Police Car

04 September 2014 - 11:23 AM

I restored this car from a built one. It was a black and white at one time and then redone as a civilian car. It's pretty much box stock. The only additions are some detailing in the engine compartment ( spark plug wires, radiator hose, and heater hoses). On the front seat there's a box of donuts, cup of coffee, and a Detroit Free Press. I painted it with Model Master enamel and Alclad. I have some pictures of it being restored if there's any interest in seeing them. 0826141258_zps5abe1caf.jpg0826141259_zps517585fc.jpg0826141259a_zpsfb9a3d6c.jpg0826141259c_zps796c83f8.jpg0826141301_zps0ae9818e.jpg

1989 Florida Highway Patrol Mustang

02 May 2014 - 08:12 AM

Revell '90 Mustang LX 5.0 kit. Made a few changes to the interior to make it an '89. Used the Jetsonic lightbar out of a Taurus police car kit. Got the decals from a friend, not sure who made them. Weathered with different shades of gray pastel chalk. Paint is Model Master enamel.IMG_0839_zps5a2747e4.jpgIMG_0838_zps637d0bfe.jpgIMG_0835_zps910820bf.jpgIMG_0841_zps84cc7fe9.jpg


Fireball Robert's '57 Ford

07 February 2014 - 03:21 PM

Fireball Robert's '57 Ford. Built mostly box stock. I removed the mufflers and rerouted the exhaust through the trunk and out the tailight covers. I added tow lights to the back and bungee cords to hold the hood and trunk closed.. Built a small trap door behind the right front for Fireball to check the tread depth. Also added a scratchbuilt timing light and a pull cord to use with the trap door and a leather strap to hold the shifter in second gear. The only thing I did extra to the engine was add sparkplug wires. I used tires from PPP and wheels from a '62 Pontiac. The suspension is lowered 1mm to make up the difference of the taller tires. It's painted with Model Master enamel and Alclad II. I weathered it with pastel chalks.IMG_0732_zps3d8bff70.jpgIMG_0729_zps73907dc0.jpgIMG_0727_zps40045988.jpgIMG_0724_zps9ce93c95.jpgIMG_0721_zpsa5884791.jpgIMG_0719_zpsa621d4d5.jpgIMG_0717_zpse99bf761.jpgIMG_0714_zpsf21795fa.jpg

Red Alert Chevelle

05 October 2013 - 08:46 PM

Haven't been on here for awhile. This is the Red Alert Chevelle I recently finished. It's built from an AMT '70 Chevelle. The paint is Model Master and Alclad for anything metallic. I used a set of original decals. The engine is from a Monte Carlo kit with a scratchbuilt oil pan with intake and carb from my parts box. I used this engine for the automatic transmission. The interior has a scratchbuilt rollbar and tach. I used the console from the Monte Carlo. I used the rear axle from the Monte Carlo and narrowed it so the slicks would fit under the body. The wheels came from my parts box and represent the wheels first used. I removed the stock gas tank and made a fuel cell and electric fuel pump. IMG_9875_zps902f078c.jpgIMG_9874_zps811bd968.jpgIMG_9871_zps4c2cf2b2.jpgIMG_9870_zpsdbbd1a2b.jpgIMG_9867_zpsf10a5ed4.jpg