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FHP Caprice

18 November 2014 - 05:26 AM

Finally finished my FHP Caprice. It's built from Revell Impala SS, Caprice Police Car, and Impala Police Car. The Vector light bar is from a Lindberg Charger kit. Painted with Testor's and Alclad through my airbrush and lightly weathered with pastel chalk dust.



1968 Plymouth Detroit Police Car

04 September 2014 - 11:23 AM

I restored this car from a built one. It was a black and white at one time and then redone as a civilian car. It's pretty much box stock. The only additions are some detailing in the engine compartment ( spark plug wires, radiator hose, and heater hoses). On the front seat there's a box of donuts, cup of coffee, and a Detroit Free Press. I painted it with Model Master enamel and Alclad. I have some pictures of it being restored if there's any interest in seeing them. 0826141258_zps5abe1caf.jpg0826141259_zps517585fc.jpg0826141259a_zpsfb9a3d6c.jpg0826141259c_zps796c83f8.jpg0826141301_zps0ae9818e.jpg

1989 Florida Highway Patrol Mustang

02 May 2014 - 08:12 AM

Revell '90 Mustang LX 5.0 kit. Made a few changes to the interior to make it an '89. Used the Jetsonic lightbar out of a Taurus police car kit. Got the decals from a friend, not sure who made them. Weathered with different shades of gray pastel chalk. Paint is Model Master enamel.IMG_0839_zps5a2747e4.jpgIMG_0838_zps637d0bfe.jpgIMG_0835_zps910820bf.jpgIMG_0841_zps84cc7fe9.jpg


Fireball Robert's '57 Ford

07 February 2014 - 03:21 PM

Fireball Robert's '57 Ford. Built mostly box stock. I removed the mufflers and rerouted the exhaust through the trunk and out the tailight covers. I added tow lights to the back and bungee cords to hold the hood and trunk closed.. Built a small trap door behind the right front for Fireball to check the tread depth. Also added a scratchbuilt timing light and a pull cord to use with the trap door and a leather strap to hold the shifter in second gear. The only thing I did extra to the engine was add sparkplug wires. I used tires from PPP and wheels from a '62 Pontiac. The suspension is lowered 1mm to make up the difference of the taller tires. It's painted with Model Master enamel and Alclad II. I weathered it with pastel chalks.IMG_0732_zps3d8bff70.jpgIMG_0729_zps73907dc0.jpgIMG_0727_zps40045988.jpgIMG_0724_zps9ce93c95.jpgIMG_0721_zpsa5884791.jpgIMG_0719_zpsa621d4d5.jpgIMG_0717_zpse99bf761.jpgIMG_0714_zpsf21795fa.jpg