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Taurus SHO fresh from the junkyard

30 December 2014 - 07:31 PM

i built this kit up with the intention of putting it into a dio that i plan to do some time in the future when i actually have space to make one, my thought is to make a dio of a garage that specializes in restoring rare and powerful cars. the taurus SHO here was in my parts box and after digging around i found almost the entire thing still on the sprues, i decided to make it in to a junkyard car because it is missing some parts, you probably wont notice them as its a few parts of the engine and some of the exhaust. the car is not complete yet im still working on some weathering, this is my first attempt at it and id like to try a few more things on this guinea pig of a project. but so far i like how the car looks, the front driver side tired is deflated and leaves the car lopsided(had to fiddle with the suspension to get it to sit flat and not rock), the rearview mirror glue has given up and the mirror lays on the dash, the cars exhaust rusted out and has simply been cut off leaving just mufflers and exhaust tips.  a lot of the things ive done to this car were a first time attempt, weathering being one, adding spark plug wires and brake lines, custom exhaust tips from a small sized hobby pipe( not sure what its actually for but it makes a nice exhaust tip.). any comments good or bad are appreciated especially if you can give me some ideas on how to make it better  :D

Cheap supplies

11 October 2014 - 09:57 AM

Just wanted to get some ideas and give some ideas on cheap supplies and tools for everybody.


over the past few weeks my hobby lobby went nuts with clearance mark downs so check your local store-

some examples of stuff i have seen


olds hurst kit -8.60

viper kit - 7.19

buick gsx- 7.19

createfx weathering bottles are around 2.33 a bottle

nice quality spray paint cans are 3-4 dollars

createfx paint pens are like 3.59



it seems like they are trying to rid themselves of testors createfx line, from what ive used of the line its decent stuff for the price.