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Rambler, Jeep, AMC straight 6.

25 May 2012 - 10:11 AM

Hi guys!

There are some kits that have AMC, Rambler, Jeep straight sixes. I'd like too replicate a '70s Jeep 258 cui for a Cherokee Chief project I've started.
Now, is there a resinversion out there? Or do I have too source one from a Pacer, '65 American, or something else in styrene?

Air-Trax '62 Opel Rekord Coupe

15 May 2012 - 11:52 AM


Just got this picture from Finland.

Posted Image
I don't know which donor that would be the best at the moment, but sees there are missing tires, springs, kingpins, and rear axel. Price will be about 100 euros if compared to theire other kits with equal details. Air-Trax is a company in evolvment. The more practice in the technics of casting, the better they will be doing so. With this I mean some of theire older castings need more work then some of theire newer.
This Opel is mastered by Juha Airio, and I got the picture from him. If interest in theire models, I'm willing to help. No extra charges.

Bob, bob.

13 May 2012 - 08:12 AM

MPC PD bike with a AMT dragster wheel'n tire up front, and a Maisto rear wheel'n tire.
Handels cut off and changed side. Removed casted in clutch, and gearpedal. Also removed casted in kick, and replaced these parts with scratched ones.
Removed casted in fenders, and replaced seat with a scratched one.
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Biiiiiiig Gasser!

11 May 2012 - 11:31 AM

I'm not sure which gasser class it would be put into, probably better of as Brackett. Still inspiration is from the good old gassers.
Posted Image
Posted Image
That is a '57 Chrysler chassis.
Posted Image
Mixup of partsbox parts for the engine.
Posted Image
Revell '57 Chevy had the right front axel.
Posted Image
Some smaller surgery.
Posted Image
Black with flake.
Posted Image
Lime green, and Bare Metal.
This is where it stays today, and have been during a building drought with hardly any models finished. But I got inspired by Gothic Kustomz Tilted Glasshouse , so this will be found, and finished.


11 May 2012 - 05:59 AM

The Monogram AC must be one of the best modelkits out there. Those that have yet too build one, have something too look forward to.
This was my first try on the kit, but off course, I did it non stock. I moved the cabin all the way up front, on top of the engine, and in front of the radiator. Look closely, and You will see that I've used most of the kits hood, just flattened it, and mounted it verically. I scratched a new ring arround the M logo, as I think that was the weakest point in the kit. Carveing the M out was a bit tidius, but it was worth it.
I scratched the flatbed from styrene, using only some brasstubing as supports for the long stacks.
I imagined this truck at a cotton farm, or sugarcane farm, or something simular.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Some more pictures here: http://public.fotki....ds/mack-ac-coe/