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'62 Studebaker Lark for trade

Yesterday, 01:10 PM

I have this up for trade. The body, interior, wheel covers and tires are mint. The chrome on the head lights and grille is marginal. The chrome on the bumpers is shot.






Looking for a Monogram '81 Land Rover for trade. I may consider other similar kits. Nothing produced after 1990.


MPC '71 Impala "Mild & Wild" for trade

06 November 2014 - 07:41 AM

I have this up for trade. Only missing one custom wheel and one slick. The rest is there and accounted for by the instructions. Decals are present. But, they're toast.






The only kits I'm interested in trading for are the following:


'72 Impala

'71 Grand Prix

'72 Grand Prix 

I'll consider nice promos on any of those. I'll also consider other "Mild & Wild" kits. Kits must be in similar condition. No builts or gluebombs! If you have any of the kits mentioned, please send a PM along with a couple of photos. I have and can take more photos of the '71 if wanted.

Easy "tip" for Plasti Kote primer users

07 October 2014 - 05:57 PM

I hate the new nozzles on the new Plasti Kote primer cans. Especially the shield that has to be twisted. The way the nozzle is concaved, it allows the primer to pool back over the opening. So, the next or later spray stroke you make, you get big spit of primer or a dried clump dumped onto the part.  :angry:  So, I cut off the shield, bend the nozzle back until it broke loose from the can and replaced it with one from a can of Tamiya paint. It fits the stem from the can perfect. The difference it makes when spraying is amazing! The Tamiya nozzle atomizes the primer so much better and has a much better spray pattern than the nozzle that comes with the can. I haven't sprayed an entire body with the Tamiya nozzle installed yet. But, I will be soon. The parts and pieces I have used it on has really impressed me so far. And now I can remove the nozzle and put it lacquer thinner to keep it clean and spraying like new. I'll do this to every can of Plasti Kote from now on.

Any differences in the chassis' from the "Alternomad" and the '96 Impala SS ?

11 September 2014 - 09:30 AM

The reason I'm asking is that I have took the body and chassis from the Impala and combined it with the roof and interior pan from the Alternomad. When I stuck the Alternomad engine in The Impala chassis for the first time and mocked it up with the body, it looks like it sets back too far. Does the engine set back that far in the real Impala SS or Caprice wagon?






I know you're thinking, "why can't you compare them yourself?" The reason for that is I kept what I was using and either pitched the rest or have misplaced the rest. If the engine in the real car sets back like this, I'm OK. If not, I'll glue the hood shut and go on. I know there's a reason I chose the Impala chassis. But, I started this project a good twelve years ago and have forgotten. Any info appreciated!

To those that pray...

02 September 2014 - 02:32 AM

Please pray for my wife. The doctors found a sizable tumor inside her recently and we go today to get the surgery scheduled. Hopefully, it will be the best case scenario if there is one. Right now, I don't want to imagine the worst case. So, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will greatly appreciate it.