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In Topic: Contest judging - lessons learned

24 September 2011 - 11:13 AM

Nice article. Glad I had read it.


Nice article. Glad I had read it.


In Topic: Ford CL9000 & Reefer Trailer

22 April 2011 - 09:36 AM

Very nice looking, I wish they would start making those kits again. The ones you find on Ebay go for such outrageous amounts.


In Topic: 1990 Mack Superliner Show Truck

18 April 2011 - 12:15 PM

Hey Jordan, can't wait to see your build. Sounds like it's going to look as sweet as my KW.


In Topic: Does Plug Wire Color Really Matter?

16 April 2011 - 11:23 AM

MrMike, I say build it the way you want to, It don't matter what anyone else thinks,it's your model and if you think it looks good it is good. :D:D:D


In Topic: Super Glue inventor dies at 94

30 March 2011 - 05:00 AM

I guess that was a really sticky situation for him to die at 94. :D :D :D