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MPC 1/16th "StreetCharger"

03 October 2014 - 01:10 PM

An oldie' but a goodie,,,MPC's   1/16th "Street Charger"  Awsome kit to do,,had to modify very few things other than the "minor mods" I had in mind. Was going to clearcoat it,,but it looked kindof neat semi-gloss after a couple coats. Keep up the great stuff out there!  IMG_3828_zpsaedc8079.jpgIMG_3814_zps4187c0ad.jpgIMG_3835_zps230f2b5d.jpgIMG_3829_zps6769839f.jpgIMG_3819_zpsfba5ee85.jpg

AMT "SuperStones" 78 Ford 4-wheel drive

30 August 2014 - 01:38 PM

Happy labor day,,I was at the LHS  today,,and wow,,AMT is kickin out some really great kits,,as is Revell also,,but one caught my eye right off the bat,,the  78' Ford F-100  "Superstones"  PU,,,and it was the only one on the shelf!  Nows its at my house,,all safe and sound. Theres about another 6-7 kits I wanted to get but didnt have $$ just now,,but I opened this kit,,and its really nice,,little to no flashing on all the parts, great looking decals,,ect,,,gonna finish my  1/16th MPC "Streetcharger"  Dodge Charger,,and the 78' Ford is next,,thanks AMT/Revell  for crankin out many of the re-pops from yrs ago,,way cool!  Happy Building!

Back to School{Monogram}

30 August 2014 - 01:16 PM

Hi all,,its that time of year,,back to school,,,when I was in school,,I always wanted to go on a bus like this. Used notebook liner from the dollar store for the windows,,added a  bit of wiring/plumbing. Kit went together well. Thanks for looking.IMG_3752_zpsb8907053.jpgIMG_3776_zps5ee60123.jpgIMG_3762_zps406120d0.jpgIMG_3757_zps2c96c1f8.jpg

AMT 58' Edsel Pacer/Stock

19 March 2014 - 12:26 PM

Howdy all,,hope your getting some warmer weather wherever your at!  I was going thru some inventory in storage here,,and ran across  this OOB bx AMT 58' Edsel pacer,,its about 10 yrs old or older,,not sure,,Ive had it a awhile. But a great build as far as the kit going together well,,no probs. Gobs  of BMF  on this one,,whew!,,took awhile to do. But I like the kit overall,,Cheers! IMG_3124_zps1e1192c9.jpgIMG_3127_zps246a3814.jpgIMG_3130_zps0cabadb9.jpgIMG_3134_zpsb1fa0a0d.jpg

1990 AMT C1500 "Sportside" Chevy PU

13 March 2014 - 09:58 AM

Howdy all,,takin' a break from cars  on this one. Got this @ a swap meet,,its a 1990 AMT  "Sportside" Chevy PU. I was going to just do total bx stock,,no wires,,plumbing  ect,,but as it came along  that changed,lol. I used  flat white primer,,w/testors   Lime gold  over it,,1  coat,,thats it. The high rise mtr setup is kit supplied!  Nice to you,,AMT! Rims are the kit supplied also,,but not the tires. I like a bit more aggressive tires on this one. It should make a nice tow trk for the traliers  w/cars on them. Thanks for looking,,Cheers!