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AMT 58' Edsel Pacer/Stock

19 March 2014 - 12:26 PM

Howdy all,,hope your getting some warmer weather wherever your at!  I was going thru some inventory in storage here,,and ran across  this OOB bx AMT 58' Edsel pacer,,its about 10 yrs old or older,,not sure,,Ive had it a awhile. But a great build as far as the kit going together well,,no probs. Gobs  of BMF  on this one,,whew!,,took awhile to do. But I like the kit overall,,Cheers! IMG_3124_zps1e1192c9.jpgIMG_3127_zps246a3814.jpgIMG_3130_zps0cabadb9.jpgIMG_3134_zpsb1fa0a0d.jpg

1990 AMT C1500 "Sportside" Chevy PU

13 March 2014 - 09:58 AM

Howdy all,,takin' a break from cars  on this one. Got this @ a swap meet,,its a 1990 AMT  "Sportside" Chevy PU. I was going to just do total bx stock,,no wires,,plumbing  ect,,but as it came along  that changed,lol. I used  flat white primer,,w/testors   Lime gold  over it,,1  coat,,thats it. The high rise mtr setup is kit supplied!  Nice to you,,AMT! Rims are the kit supplied also,,but not the tires. I like a bit more aggressive tires on this one. It should make a nice tow trk for the traliers  w/cars on them. Thanks for looking,,Cheers!

41' Woody GT 426

08 February 2014 - 09:58 AM

Greetings from Motown!,,just finished this "Woody". Its kindof what you might call a "GT"  package if it were ever to be  offered back in the day,,lol. Lots of scratch built stuff,,no after market parts on this,,just leftovers from the junk bxs. Some of the pcs were missing when I got the kit{ swap meet kit}  so had to use the thunderbird tire cover in back,,different rear bumper,turn signals on front fenders,scratch built,,And the mtr is some hemi out of a prostock kit,,have no idea which one. Tinted  the windshield + wing windows  blue   Scratch built visors,,roll bar,,seatbelts. I really like the   AMT kit supplied " woodgrain" inner panel decals for the sides,,nice feature. They went on with no problems. Its a bit different than the stock version,,but what a fun version it would be  to drive!IMG_2941_zps25b70363.jpgIMG_2943_zps7103e6d7.jpgIMG_2938_zpse8db9b5c.jpgIMG_2935_zps6782e450.jpgIMG_2946_zpsd7cdbb4e.jpgIMG_2953_zps4e8ceb5d.jpgIMG_2952_zps1e93bc73.jpgIMG_2950_zps24579df1.jpg :D

AMT 41' Woody 2door/ Convertible w/Hemi

30 January 2014 - 04:27 PM

Howdy all,,well  Im thinking of spring coming soon,,summer soon after,,got in kindof a fair weather building mood on this one. Its kindof a  WIP side project I work on from time to time. Its the AMT 41' Woody,,but its missing   the back doors,,and its top,,and a Hemi somehow got in there,,other than that its somewhat stock. Engine is totally from the leftover prts bx's. As are the tires+ rims. Gonna do a 2  tone dark blue seat insets,,with  the white interior. Made little floor mats for it,,kindof a summertime ride,,all I need now is the $$  for the 1:1  car!  Cheers! :D IMG_2896_zps7b83a033.jpgIMG_2897_zps59ac17fd.jpgIMG_2886_zps7fe8e928.jpgIMG_2893_zps51465459.jpg

"Electra- Charger" Done

29 January 2014 - 11:09 AM

Howdy all,,,I was looking at this AMT kit,,69' Daytona Charger,,and wanted to do something a bit different with it. And I was looking at some late 60's  Charger FC/AWB  cars on the web,,and ran across  these pics of some. Now,,when I look at these pics,,it appears that  some of these were no more than stock Chargers { at least the red one,color pic,the other 2 BW pics look like full framed cars} w/some x-tra inner frame/roll bar work,,and its almost like they cut the front clips off and welded/attached ,,somehow,,a  FC subframe to the front clip area,,not sure really how they did it,,Ill have to research some more pics and see how they were really attached to front of car. I do have an injected 426 w/stacks  ect for this build,,so it may be fun to try this. Heres  some pics,,happy building!IMG_2971_zps3435ad0a.jpgIMG_2924_zpsf9af6fea.jpgIMG_2926_zpsfa278401.jpgIMG_2927_zps4a710022.jpgIMG_2963_zpsa7f02e84.jpgIMG_2966_zps49b8fed9.jpgIMG_2970_zpsa8df9b44.jpgIMG_3055_zpsb085dc3a.jpgIMG_3068_zpsd6b7acdb.jpg