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In Topic: What's the most expensive kit you've ever bought?

16 December 2014 - 11:46 PM

Most expensive kit that I bought :unsure:

Plastic kit:   Revell  1957 VW mircobus $150

Multi media Kit: Model Factory Hiro Shelby Cobra Daytona $300

3d printed Kit:  TDR Shelby Cobra parts except body around $1000


I'm an idiot

In Topic: Need 2015 Show Dates/Info

15 December 2014 - 01:32 AM

Here some show data  for Europe 2015


Mar. 15./16, 2015           

20th anniversary On the Road Show

Model truck and car show

Nieuw spoorthal Jabekke (Vlamingveld 40), Jabekke/Belgium

For more information please contact: dhollanerpeter(at)skynet.be



Aug. 01./02., 2015          

2nd Modelcar Show at the GSRA Nats

Part of the German Street Rod Assosiation Nationals. Model car contest in the following classes

- Hot Rods pre 1949

- Fat Fender 1940 -1948

- Shoebox & Fins 1949 - 1961

- Pickups  pre 1978

- Muscle cars pre 1973

and special award:  Woodies

in Weilburg/Germany

For more information contact:  contest(at)carsntrucks4you.de



Oct. 31./ Nov.01, 2015    

17th Model Car Show (Modellautoausstellung)

Modelers from Belgium,France,Switzerland and Germany show there models together with some real cars

Saalbau, Marktstr. 15 60388 Frankfut/Germany

For more information contact:  organisation(at)modell-auto-ausstellung.de

http://www.modellautoausstellung.de/ or https://de-de.facebo...376124355952766

In Topic: What is a "girls " car ?

11 December 2014 - 03:35 AM

Regluar Ford Fiesta  are girls car  ;)  except the ST :D . This is for car guys, it is a great car to drive specially if you want go fast, very fast trough narrow, winding roads. I love my 2013 ST! B) :D

In Topic: New Model T series

11 December 2014 - 03:29 AM

ol Henry will be avaiable in 1/24 from ICM http://www.icm.com.u...-3-figures.html. Thats an ideal addition to ICM 1913 Ford Model T Roadster. They also annouced an 1910 Model T Tourer.


Cant wait to see the first Model T conversions as a Hot Rod or Pickup etc.

In Topic: A couple F-1's

10 November 2014 - 01:16 AM

Next up is my 51 F1...Fenders,hood and grilles are from RMR resins..... Thinking about doing a Sanford and Son 2014 version




It is a great build and it looks great.


But I must say that RMR sold you a '52 instead of a '51. The hood ornament and the V8 at the front of the hood are from a 1952 model. The '51 had the Ford Scripts at the hood front instead of the v8 sign. The V8 sign is on the upper panel between the fenders. I need these parts for my '52 F1 but RMR don't ship overseas

Keep in mind that the dashboard of a '51/'52 ist different from a '48-'50. Kitchen Table Resin has one.