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Old pete and old amaha belly dump

Yesterday, 04:40 PM

 Well build this truck and trailer Its a Peterbilt 358 single drive and 1980 Omaha belly dump trailer.First inspiration pic and what I have done so far.






More update pics soon

1953 International R-160 pickup

Yesterday, 04:32 PM

 Well just had to scratch build this old gal its a 1953 international Its fairly rusty and well used. 




59 Impala in the weeds

Yesterday, 04:25 PM

Well got another build done finely its a 1959 Chevy impala convertible




Is it a metal or fiberglass body

11 August 2014 - 02:19 AM

Well starting a new project and its the Miami vice Daytona spyder . I was wondering what the real cars body would of been made of metal or fiberglass ?

Seen a shorten caddy yestursday

24 July 2014 - 09:48 AM

Hey guys well I seen a very interesting vehicle yesterday in one of my hunts for a project vehicle.I was at this guys place and he had this shorten Cadillac it looked like a mid 80's or early 90's model .So my question is would this of been a illegal chopped vehicle or was there a custom fabrication shop that would of done this ? The guy told me there are only 20 cars of this nature in the world true or false ?