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New guy here.

14 December 2010 - 08:18 PM

Hey guys new to the forum.

I have modeled for a few years and now I am planning to do a very customized build. I am a truck driver doing heavy haul with a T800 tandem and an 8 axle low-bed trailer. So I am planning on replicating what I drive in model form. I have lots of unbuilt trucks to use as parts for the base. I wanting to know if there is any other places other than KFS and sourkraut for parts and pieces. Also I once saw a place that sold very detailed CAT engines where is a good place to find those. And last thing is where is the best place to find KW T800 hoods and KW cabs with an intergrated sleeper and day light windows?

And the low-bed is going to be scratch built so it is going to be a huge project to undertake but it should be fun.