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Toyota 4x4 pickups

28 December 2010 - 06:55 PM

Hi everbody- I just found out about this forum and I need some help finding a couple of Toyota truck models, first one is an AMT Toyota 4x4 a 1983 I think. I heard there were several releases, one was a firetruck. The second one is a current generation Tacoma 4x4. I don't know of any in production but they are everywhere in 1:1, so I thought somebody may be making them or at least planning to. I am also looking for but not finding a 64 Chevelle model. I see Green Light has a 1:64 but they are so small I can hardly see them (heh heh) This last one would seem to be a no- brainer as there are several 65's around in diecast & plastic but no 64's. If anyone knows of any of these I would sure like a heads-up. I have been looking for all 3 for a couple of years. Thanks!