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Today, 08:39 PM

Time to bump. Let's see more.

In Topic: AMT Studebaker Avanti done salt lake style.

Today, 01:17 PM

Beautiful build Elmer. :)   Looks like a lot of busy work that came together nicely. If you have any closeups of the engine Sam, I wouldn't mind a peek. 

In Topic: 1960 Desoto Adventurer

Today, 01:12 PM

Thanks for all good vibes folks. Nice way to head into the weekend.

In Topic: 1965 Chrysler 300

Today, 01:11 PM

That really looks lovely. I'm always glad to see justice done to rare kits.

In Topic: 1960 Desoto Adventurer

Today, 05:37 AM

You guys talk about models you built in the "good old days" when I was just a few years old, and it blows my mind that you guys were building models this beautiful back then, with what you had at the time. Gorgeous job!


Thanks so much for the compliment Ben. But actually you give me too much credit. I consider this period to be the modeling Renaissance. Aftermarket products were coming out of nowhere, multiple car modeling magazines on the shelves and paints were getting better and broader. I would say there's nothing on this build that predated anything today.