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Rat Rod R/P

16 April 2011 - 03:46 PM

well i wanted to test my skills so i scratch built a cab and well ...... it did not turn out so great so what i decided to do was build a rat rod with it instead of throwing it away .
the only "kit parts" in this build is the front and rear axle the motor and trans and the wheels and tires and a 49 ford dash and custom wheel the rest im fabing up .
the engine is a chevy 6 cyl so is the front and rear axle out of the custom p/u
pictures are coming tonight stay tuned .....

Bill Hines The Bat 50 Ford

09 April 2011 - 02:42 PM

well here is the first build i posted on here i will get pictures of the model of the car with in the next day got to find my camera first .
wyle your waiting on pictures ill tell you what has been done
list of mods

headlights have been frinched with the stock rings
rear stock bumper has had the bumper guards removed
hood corners have been rounded off
all trim removed along with the door handles
custom fins have been made out of .020 evergreen although only the drivers side has been glued on at this point

mods to come
51 ford dash and 51 metier grill
custom tuck n' roll interior
Cadillac sombrero caps
hand made lake pipes
kisar bumper guard with stretched rear bumper
and a scale 4 IN chop and black paint with no scallops

pre war resin

05 April 2011 - 12:06 PM

well guys,
this started off as just making parts for me mainly because i have been laid off for almost 7 months now
talked to the guys in the chat room a few different times and i told them about a log manifold i made that can fit almost any v8 ( its a two piece design ) and you can mount up to 4 97's to a side well some guys wanted a few so i said sure ill make a few extra.

well this got me to thinking and asking questions thank you Art Anderson you helped me out a lot !
so with in the next few weeks here is what im going to be casting in resin i was going to do it in epoxy but was talked out of it

1. 50's style log manifold for v8 engine
2. OHV conversion for model A 4 cyl engines
3. Columbia 2 speed rear axle
4. steel wheels in different sizes and a wide steel wheel for slicks
5. ARDUN OHV conversions for ford flathead v8
6. fire power valve covers for early hemi

and i will have a website called pre war resin
if you guys can think of any old hot rod parts i should cast please let me know

parts i need for molds

moon gas peddle
strongberg 97 carb
40 ford deluxe dash board and column with wheel
Scot blower and other blowers from the 40's and 50's
40 ford backing plates
Buick finned drum's
37 ford tube axle
doped I beam axle
model A & T rear cross member with a non flawed buggy spring
lever action shocks
flipper hub cap out of the revell 50 ford F-1
olds fiesta hub cap
spun moon disk
different brands types of flathead aluminum heads for 21 stud 24 stud motors and v8 60's
lincoin v12
lincoin MEL engine
ford Y block

if you send parts you will get free copy's back also

on my site i plan on nothing being over 10 bucks and i will offer 2nd's at a heavy discounted price

looking for this kit can you help me find it ?

22 March 2011 - 02:09 PM

looking for this kit need 2 of them i need help to identify the maker of this kit and were to buy it


name this kit please

15 March 2011 - 03:03 AM

i bought an old re issue of a 32 ford kit years ago sadly i no longer own the kit the only things i remember about the kit were ...
1. box art looked like from the 50's and it was the 32 on a drag strip.
2. the body and other parts were molded in dark purple
3. body was split right down the middle
4. molded rear end and almost a flat straight frame
5. tires were plastic and not rubber and had moon disk
6. im leaning towards saying its a old revell kit because my new 32 ford 5 window kit has the same flaming devil head in decal in the box