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20 March 2012 - 03:42 PM

looks good i like the white/orange interior combo and if i may ask how did you make the vinyl roof look so real? and i don't know whether im right or not but i think your wing is on backwards. :blink:


Hey Robert, thanks for the feedback!

For the roof: First, I spray painted a primer on the entire car, then I used a tiny amount of glue to attach a wire to where the hood would end. Then I taped off everything except the roof (including the part of the hood that I'd later have to BMF so no bumps would show through the BMF-including the wire I attached. This took FOREVER to tape off!) Next, wrapped the car (except the hood) in paper towel to avoid spreading. Then I gently sprayed Elmer's Spray Adhesive enough to give the hood a bumpy texture. After that dried, I spray painted it flat black. I later had to tape the entire hood to block the orange spray from crossing any lines when I painted the rest of the car. At that time, I should have kept the paper towel on the hood until I was ready to finish the car. As I worked on the car over the last few months, no matter how gentle I was, I still lost the black paint on some of the bumps on the hood. So I had to touch up the black several times, taking away from the effect a bit.

As for the wing? Man, the manual had such a bad drawing of how to attach the wing. So I went online and put it on the way I saw in searches. Even the box had a bad angle to tell: http://www.shopping....i-Cuda-426/info

I think I'll do more research on here before buying another kit. This is the second kit I've made that had major issues with how it was engineered (first one was the '68 Dodge Charger). You think you're done, then go to put the last touches on to find the hood doesn't lay flat, or the back sit right. Oh well, still my best car yet. Can ya tell I'm a muscle car girl? ;)

In Topic: '71 Hemi Cuda

17 March 2012 - 12:17 PM

I'm pretty proud of my student with this build! ;) This took a lot of work but it looks great sitting with the other muscle cars on our shelf!

Good job baby.

Awww...thanks Baby. I didn't see this post til now. :wub:

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17 March 2012 - 12:15 PM

Hey, i just finished this car too. Didn't you hate the poor fit of the engine and the hood? What a nightmare! I spent hours shaving down parts to try to make it all fit better, still popped up a touch though. Like the nice touches that didn't come with the kit.

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13 March 2012 - 08:28 PM

Very nice, you should be proud of that effort. If I may be bold, for future reference, Mopar engine bays are body colour.

Thanks! Yeah, I painted the engine orange before deciding what to paint the bays. Thought the bays in black would help make the engine pop. But I definitely appreciate the heads up as I'm trying to have the cars as accurate as possible.

In Topic: '71 Hemi Cuda

13 March 2012 - 08:19 PM

I don't always look at these because they show up here often but I must say this is as fine a job as I've seen. Beautiful, clean build and impressive attention to detail. And to think you're only going to get better. I'll keep an eye out.

...And I'm a girl! hahaha. It doesn't seem like there's too many of us in this hobby. Seriously though, thanks for the comments! I've loved muscle cars since I was kid, so this has been great learning more about this hobby, and about cars in general.