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In Topic: Congratulations to ALL whose Models are pictured.

30 April 2015 - 03:18 PM

Оhhhh, I see now….So I was clueless about where the pictures came from. Then the tune changed to "pissing on someone's effort". Now I don't understand "the difference between looking at a photo on a computer screen and looking at that same photo in a printed magazine". You still remember the fact that the same pictures were published in your own previous issues and in other magazines, right? Yet they look far worse in the last issue. But I don't want to compare apples to oranges, because it would be unfair to compare a shoestring-budget-magazine to a publication with much greater budget. So lets leave the competition out of it. 

 Let's assume I don't know jack about photography, printing or anything related. So just plain common sense. If a picture gets - let's say darker, when published, then bright orange, pink and red, would look darker orange, pink and red. Well, then how come Red, Bright orange and Pink (and most on here know very well, what unpainted pink plastic in the old japanese kits looks like) Look pretty much the same color in the last issue? And the pictures used are from the same person, with same equipment, at the same show, taken at the same time. MAybe there is some black magic that I am totally clueless about .


This is going to be my last post in this thread. But let me leave you with this……Take these three issues and compare them.


I am not even going to ask you to go any further back. Look at the pictures in them and tell yourselves in the mirror, that the quality is not on a decline. Don't tell me. Don't write it on here. Go ahead and convince yourselves that besides technology getting better faster than it takes you to release the next issue, besides growing your following (meaning growing your sales and profit) you have kept the quality of the rag and the pictures in it. 


P.S. My offer to help pro bono with what I can still stands by the way. 

In Topic: Congratulations to ALL whose Models are pictured.

21 April 2015 - 06:25 PM

I am going to address this straight to Tom Geiger, as apparently he decided to write a post based purely on presumption.

I do attend some of these shows and I see exactly what happens there. But let me backtrack a little. What am I saying and why is it bothering me? 

Well, I have been following this magazine (can't say the same about the site unfortunately) almost since its beginning. What I loved the most about it was exactly that it was a shoestring operation sticking it out to the big guy (SAE). No need to give me any benefit of the doubt. Some of you must be really clueless. So going back to this magazine been the underdog and coming up from the ground as everyone's favorite is a thing I have always admired. I am still a big fan of the magazine and far from clueless who's operation it is. I am also very well aware of how the pictures are being taken and by whom. After all, anybody who attended any contest has seen who takes the photographs and how it is done. Separate area, little light booth and a nice camera with nice lens mounted on a tripod. Then any model that after the judging had a little card {photo invitation) next to it gets taken to that photo area for the photos. Then the model club supporting the venue decides which pictures get sent to the mag for publishing. Then the mag decides which ones to publish from the ones they received. Pretty plain and simple.

And here is where I get completely lost. The same photographer who takes the pictures for certain event then posts them in a "fotki" (or such) album for public viewing, where you can order them even printed on a t-shirt. And these pictures for whatever reason look lively, sharp and authentic. With nice vibrant colors and plenty of detail to give you an idea if the model you are looking at has return throttle springs on its carbs. Yet the same pictures of the exact same photographer taken at the same time with the same equipment published in the last issue look completely different. 

   Also on this very forum plenty of modelers post their work and their own pictures from contests. Somehow it baffles me that these pictures taken most of the time with pocket size cameras and sometimes even phones, turn so great. And I am talking about pictures taken right on the contest table, with no special lighting, in the crowd and pretty much on the go. So what gives?

  Third and last, as you said it yourself, these are pictures taken by different people, at different locations with different equipment. Well, I don't know how did it happen, but in the magazine they look like they were taken by the same person in the same conditions with the same equipment. And we all know that is not the case. So this is just one more thing that shows that the problem is not in the pictures taken. It is how they were edited, compressed, adjusted or whatever was done to them. 

  And no, this is not "some reason I see the need to pee all over it". Don't even try to pin this on me, like I am disrespecting all the hard work and effort put in by the clubs and their volunteers at the shows. What I am saying has nothing to do with them. It is called constructive criticism. And the "need" for it comes exactly from that I care for this magazine and I like to see it do well. Not lower its standard every year, which unfortunately has been happening ever since the man in Hawaii's health problems started. 

I understand that this is run on a shoe-string budget. And because of that, I will offer for the next contest issue to do all the picture editing work or help with whatever I can. And I don't want anything in return, except to see good quality pictures. I don't even want any credit given or my name mentioned. I will just do it. 

One thing I will agree with you, Tom. It is SAD. Very SAD that people are so blinded by "the kings new clothes" that they stop noticing when the Average Joes' amateur home pictures are better than the ones in a rag you paid money for. Its even sadder when on the very same magazine's site where there is plenty of material to be compared, people like you and the magazine's staff actually are trying to shift all the blame to "the volunteer that has done his very best to represent his club and their show". It's not only sad; Its a shame. 

In Topic: Congratulations to ALL whose Models are pictured.

21 April 2015 - 07:05 AM

So, this goes into a nice discussion until someone criticizes the issue and then all of a sudden - whooop, let's burry the thread. This goes to all the builders who got their models published; Do you really feel the photography represents faithfully the countless hours you guys spent rubbing and buffing that paint out? Or all the research, time and money you invested in detailing your model? Is everyone just going to turn a blind eye to fact that on one same page four different models are described as pink, red and orange of different variations, but they look the same grainy color on the pictures? As model builders that create some stunning pieces, I would have thought that most people on here are very detail oriented and that includes the way their work is (mis)represented. Or are we willing to sacrifice our integrity (that we get so mad over, when someone builds a model for their kid) just for the great honor and privilege to have a picture of our model published? Because, I don't know, maybe I am the only one feeling this way, but going home with a trophy in the junior class, where you whooped some 7 year olds buts with your photoetched sprinkled, urethane clear coated model would bring me just as much satisfaction as having a picture of my model printed on which it kind of resembles the color, finish and detail of the actual model. 

In Topic: Ferrari 308 GT Rainbow

13 April 2015 - 05:58 AM

Nice! Except it should be white.

In Topic: Pro-touring style C3 vette

07 April 2015 - 06:56 AM

Looks fantastic. More and more Vettes like this are starting to turn out at the autocross events on the Good Guys shows and at events around the country. I personally love the look of it.

Can't wait to see it finished. What color is it going to be?