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"Not another General Lee?!

17 January 2014 - 10:24 AM

Finally finished this car. Started in July of 2011. it survived two moves and 5 months of storage without losing one part or damage to one piece. I made a list of the changes that I made to it. Between the body, interior, engine and chassis, the changes, mods, scratch-built parts and sourced parts, the list of changes total 55.  For those of you that have not followed this build, please feel free to ask any question you have or refer to the build thread. I plan on showing it a the Masscar show in Tauntom, Ma. this march along with my '46 Galaxy MSP aerosedan. I can't wait.

Again, the changes and build details are a lot to re-type. Please feel free to ask anything you would like to know if you are building your own. I have kept the templates for the front wheel well inserts, radiator support, push bar and filler between the grill and radiator support if that helps anyone.  Take care and thanks for looking.











George's 59 Impala Convertible

22 December 2013 - 12:24 PM

As I stated in my original post in the WIP's section, George restored this car a little over 30 years ago. One of many actually that he did in his back yard shop. A place where I spent a lot of time as a young teen. I learned a lot about old cars and car upholstery from George and also benefitted from a lot of good worldly advice. And best of all, I learned how to do tire vaporizing burn-outs in a '69 396 Chevelle! Anyway, this is the car that I have always gone back to as inspiration when I was restoring cars. My last being a '70 454 Chevelle. Georges wife, Jean was also very gracious to me and I wanted to put something for her into this car as well. They took many trips to the beach in Daytona with this car, so I added a pair of "half scale" flip-flops, a picnic basket and beach towel for her. The newspaper is an actual image of the 1981 Daytona Beach Morning Journal, the day after Petty won the 500. George used to own a '73 Charger painted like Petty's charger, so I thought it would be a fitting touch. Aside from the major mods to the seats and a sprinkling of photo-etched goodies, this kit is right from the box. I hope you all enjoy the pics and I welcome your questions and comments. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.