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1-16 Scale 63 Corvette Pro Mod Update: Front Bumper roughed in

19 January 2012 - 07:30 PM

Not sure that I have graduated to the Big Boyz section or not... :D still wearing my training pants. lol

Here is my next Pro Mod project, decided to play with the body a little bit since I am waiting on parts and getting frustrated with my block on my other project.

Started with two of the 1/16th 1963 Corvette's and started hacking away... So far, I have been able to cut Horizontally down the side of the car to widen the lower section of the car and in the process of adding in 7/8" scaled up roughly 14" to the wheelbase to get 112". Once that is completed I will move to the nose of the car to drop it and lengthen it, so I come up with the 45" from center hub to the furthest point on the front end.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Once I get that completed... hopefully tomorrow, I can begin to work on the rear section to fit those big meats out back.

Looking for Reference Pics of 63 Pro Mod Vette

12 December 2011 - 02:33 PM

By chance anyone have any large JPEG pictures of side shots of the 63 Pro Mod Corvette? I have found all kinds of head on and diagonal side shots but nothing that would help me from the side for scaling purposes.

I have looked at some of the members Photobucket sites, but the issue is when you try and blow them up they are really bad on the computer. I hate when Photobucket and others reduce the size of the picture.

This is what I run into.... I can see the rear fenders are much deeper and go into the original rear window line. But I can't see how this changes the rear window line or the back deck.
Posted Image

Any help would be appreciated.