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Help with Payhauler 350

28 January 2012 - 06:28 PM

Hey guys, haven't been here for ages, but thought it the logical place for some advise.

I am starting in on the AMT/Ertl International Payhauler 350 for an upcoming Con this spring. I like the standard Cat yellow but might try doing the lime green.
It looks like the complete truck is painted one color, with a few items picked out in black, steel etc., for plumbing and hydraulic cylinders and stuff.

I was hoping someone had a source for close up shots for doing some detail work...? I plan on having working head/tail lights, illuminated dash, and if the servo boards work, I'd like to try and have the dump bucket raise and lower...! Pretty ambitious I know, but I am going for the kill shot in the competition againts all those boring German Panzers that show up year after year... ;-)

I have found some decent pics using 'images' search on bing, but I was hoping one of you great truck chaps might have something better...?

Also, has anyone ever built this kit and could offer up some hints/tips on the build itself...?

I know I'm askin a lot, but after working on aircraft for so many years, this is a whole new ballgame...!!!

Any help GREATLY appreciated,

Regards, Unclepine