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Son Buys Dad a '57 for his 57th Birthday

17 September 2014 - 07:05 PM

These guys were on Steve Harvey today...



The son was eight years old and was playing Hot Wheels with his father. The father picked up a '57 Chevy and said it was his dream car from the time he was young.  The eight year old told him that he'd buy him that 57 for his 57th birthday. And he never forgot!


There was more to this video on Steve Harvey where they panned the length of the car and it was a 4 door.  I just had to laugh thinking that there are guys on this board who would say, "No thanks son. I'd never own a 4 door!" 

Super September Showdown, PA --- Pictures!

06 September 2014 - 07:41 AM

The Central PA club is holding their annual Super September Showdown tomorrow in Gilbertsville, PA



http://www.cpmcc.org...bershowdown.htm  The link takes you to all the rest of the specifics... along with a registration form you can fill out on-line and print.


Anyone Have A Sleep Number Bed? Waaaay OT !

31 August 2014 - 05:07 AM

I need to use my "ask the audience" card on this one.


The wife and I have been sleeping poorly on our older mattress.  I thought it was just me, but she says she's been waking up aching and not sleeping well at all.  I tend to sleep on my left side and my shoulder hurts. I try to sleep another way but I always wake up that way hurting.  I believe it's the bed since I will sleep better in a motel.


We saw that Sleep Number had a 50% off sale on a specific model of bed this weekend so we went up to the mall and got a demo.  It's decently impressive, and may help us sleep better and feel better.  The bed is way expensive, and can be had two ways.. one being a flat bed, and the other version has the ability to raise and lower your head or feet, which doubles the cost.


Soooo,  just looking for opinions from all fronts... anyone have one?  Like it?  Hate it?  Have the flat version or swear by the one that raises and lowers?  



Harry Chapin (Harry's new avitar)

18 August 2014 - 07:51 AM

I was pleased to see Harry finally choose a Harry that I like!    :D


Back in the day, Harry Chapin did all kinds of shows and benefits in the NY/NJ metro area.  I would go to every concert that we found.  He was a great guy, great story teller in his music and he always met the audience afterwards to shake hands, sign autographs and just talk. He never left until everyone was satisfied. Just the guy he was.


Here's the Harry memorabilia that is on my den wall....




Here's a period concert booklet, that Harry signed for me. Note that it's made out to me.  I also have one of his World Hunger Organization t-shirts tucked away.




Here's my favorite piece, and probably the only one that survives.  This was one of the best Chapin concerts I went to. It was just him and Big John acoustic, without the full band.  It was at Brookdale Community College and I was a student there at the time.  I grabbed the poster as they were taking it off a college bulletin board the following week.  




This was Harry's last concert booklet.  Only I didn't get it back then.  A few years ago his band did a Harry Chapin Tribute night in Phoenixville, PA.  Another modeler, Mike Cole told me about it,  and we met him there.  The band was selling the old programs and autographing them in the lobby,  chatting with the audience just like Harry did.  The signatures are Steve Chapin, John Wallace and Howie Field, all from his old band.  It was very cool reliving a night of Chapin Music!

Barn Find '59s!

13 August 2014 - 11:12 AM



I just came across these photos while looking for something else.  Many years ago I put a low bid in on an auction that contained these three models seen above.  They were / are utterly filthy and no doubt sat out untouched for many years...




1959 Mercury




1959 Lincoln with the same hood louvers




1959 Buick. All three were built by the same person, note the signature silver painted skirts... of course glued on there for keeps!  And that's the only paint on these.  He also liked wide whites. 




The Buick is the only one with side pipes. Both the Buick and the Lincoln had Connie kits, but the tire part is long lost.




Each of these cars has some damage. Note things like the C pillars on the Buick and vent windows on the others are broken so they probably saw some play time.   And the mystery...  3 cars built alike, all in the same year.  Were these the work of a kindly grandfather and grandson?  Were they sitting on a shelf or even a rafter beam in a garage all these years?   The grime on them is a greasy to the touch.  Maybe they sat near the oil burner. But somehow they survived all these years. Untouched.


I've preserved them in plastic bags for now, mainly because I haven't gotten to working with them. I think I got the trio for a low $20 for the set. I was amazed that nobody bid against me.  I guess I'm the only one not afraid of dirt.  If only they could talk.