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Can somebody tell the wheel base?

14 October 2014 - 10:43 AM

Can somebody estimate the wheel base of this 1967 Peterbilt 351 STL? The hood is extended, BBC 127, that´s all I know. My eye is not experienced enough for telling these figures. I would also like to know the length of the trailer. Can somebody help me on that, please?








Thanks in advance



Twins in different dresses

21 June 2014 - 02:21 AM

I had this idea the moment I bought the Revell USA snap kits, Kenworth W900 and Peterbilt 359. They share the same engines but I knew they would look different after I build them. But that required a little bit of study on my side since I don´t work in the field and never had a chance to explore these engines by myself. Here I want to thank all the guys who answered my questions in the Truck Stop section of the forum. With their help I was able to build two versions of Caterpillar 3406 engines.




This yellow engine is pretty much the box version with only a slight modifications and a few details added. I followed the article in CM magazine by Ken Smith...


Can´t be thankfull enough to this guy. He lead my hand on a number of projects already.




This white engine is also a CAT 3406 but it´s changed a bit to represent the aftercooled B version. Some parts are modified and some are scratch-built. Like the aftercooler and lines, dip stick and valve cover breather tube. I also changed belts using a rubber line bought in craft store.


Here is a couple of pics showing both engines. Note the differencies between them. The shape and location of the fuel pump, the aftercooler, the plumbing and timing governer cover in particular.
















More to come...




CAT 3406 question

05 May 2014 - 02:50 AM

Can somebody tell me what version of CAT 3406 engine is in the Revell USA snap kits? I would say 3406 A but I´m not sure. Some say that A´s started life as PCTA and then changed to DITA. The others say that PCTA was just the plain 3406 and they were marked A only after DITA came out. Not that it matter to me that much but I wonder what visible changes should I make to the engine to make it a B. Probably a different shape and location of the fuel pump, the conus cover in front, maybe a different shape of the aftercooler... by the way, why there are different shapes of aftercoolers anyway? And what about the turbo side of the engine? Is it the same for A and B or are there any differencies too? There are heaps of pictures on the net but I´m kinda confused. Need some educadion on that. Can somebody shed some light in it for me, please?

Thanks, Jarda