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In Topic: used car lot diorama

Yesterday, 09:06 PM

Very nice cars on the lot. Like the scene!

In Topic: You know the type that can't leave well enough alone?! 2010 Camaro/Sk...

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Phoaha...thats  a w e s o m e !!! Where can i find that beast in the gallery? Awesome!

In Topic: Hudson Hornet Convertible

Yesterday, 08:55 PM

Wow! What a beauty - you made a GREAT job on everything. Engine, interieur, paintjob....perfect!

In Topic: 1969 Dodge Charger

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

Wow! Your colors are amazing - what a beauty!

In Topic: Revell's Original Mini Cooper Maybe?

Yesterday, 08:34 PM

Sounds good Jim!

Your start looks good from my view. i am amused, that an "american boy" is building a british classic car - in the world of fullsize cars of SUVs it must be...funny, to park with a MG or Mini near a Tahoe...


What kind of material is "brass strips"? it seams to me, like a part of thin aluminum. I made the same on a Chevy van with those hinges and it works till today. i think, you can make it.