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In Topic: Project Silk Purse,,,, The Corvan

17 December 2014 - 11:00 AM

Thank you all for the compliments, they mean a lot to me.  Bob, I thought about pinning the guide, but it fit so well I only needed to hold it in place.



I decided I have enough of the major body work done to cut out the front windows, I waited on this step to keep the shell as strong as possible.


I've got the side doors lightly scribed and I'm happy with how straight they are this time. I did try to scribe the right front door again and failed miserably. Again, I think the problem is the body filler and pinholes keeping any tool from making a smooth clean scrape. My next thought is to try using some photo etch saw blades. I've never used them before and don't know what ones I should get. I also need to find a way to fill in the scribing on the back doors as they are real deep.


Other than the scribing, I am gettting real close to a final sanding and priming.





In Topic: Painting during construction

17 December 2014 - 09:37 AM

Paint the entire body first. Never assemble, then paint.

Never say never. In order to build this without having a seam down the middle where the two halves of the body meet, it had to be assembled then painted.



In Topic: 1/25 AMT '69 Chevrolet Corvair

16 December 2014 - 06:56 AM

Vairnut: the Greenbriar van "from Arizona" came from eBay seller "benpackaz."  From Benson, AZ.  He also sold a resin Corvair Lakewood wagon.


He was still on eBay as of a month or so ago, but with no resin kits listed.  The last item I found him selling was a 1/32 Gunze 1959 Ford.


I also have both the benpackaz and TKM Corvair vans.  You're right, they look...challenging.






I was disappointed in the 'challenging' nature of the Corvairs ~ I wanted them all, but not from Benpackaz.  I have a Suburban-style '55-'57 Chevy window van from him and it shares the 'challenging' genes with the Corvairs. 



I'm currently building the van you guys are talking about, you can follow along here.



In Topic: Project Silk Purse,,,, The Corvan

15 December 2014 - 01:01 PM

The back windows just need a little more sanding and they'll be done.



In Topic: Project Silk Purse,,,, The Corvan

15 December 2014 - 08:15 AM

I ground out an the area between what will be the back windows. I think I went a little too deep at the top, I guess that's why bondo was created!




Then I drilled a hole in each corner inside of what will be the corner of the window opening. Then I played connect the dots with a small circular saw blade in the Dremel.




As I said, I am reall lousy at scribing something from scratch. I got the back doors done and somewaht straight, but I made a huge mess out of the side doors. I used the original lines for size and tried to straighten them. This didn't go well. I filled it all back in and as luck would have it, I think the doors would have been too narrow. So at least I caught a mistake, even if it was the hard way.




I think one of the problems is this resin is full of pinholes, so you can't get a smooth scrape with any tool. As soon as you hit a pinhole the scriber or blade digs in and stops or it goes off to the side.


If it wasn't for the fact that I would like to cast this body, I'd just cut all the doors open.


I'm making a guide tool and I hope once it dries, I can find a good way to clamp it to the body and make some decent lines.