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In Topic: Name That Tune....

Today, 08:25 AM

"And can you make the whole mess sound like Bob Seeger?"


"Sure, why not?"


You mean Bob Seger.


Pete Seeger.  Bob Seger.


Big difference. Just sayin'... :P

In Topic: Name That Tune....

Today, 04:14 AM

Carl, I'm pretty sure the violin on "Paper in Fire" was Lisa Germano. She was a member of Mellencamp's band until the mid '90s when she left to do her own solo thing. "Our Country" was released in 2006 or so... so the violin was played by a different girl.


That Kid Rock song is pretty slick. Almost too slick... like maybe it was written specifically for use in commercials?


"Hey, Kid... can you come up with a catchy tune that we can use in a series of TV ads?"


"You bet I can!"



In Topic: 1937 RR woody... I mean, "shooting brake"...

Today, 04:07 AM

Gloss black...




And finally, Spaz Stix...



In Topic: Name That Tune....

Yesterday, 05:20 PM

I know the original, don't know of any cover.

In Topic: Darwinism at work

Yesterday, 05:00 PM


Bill quoted Carlin, Nick was replying to Bill. Keep up


Sorry. I missed that. Oops.