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Bunny Burkett Newstalgia 1/16 F/C decal now available.

05 July 2012 - 05:04 PM

The Alps decal is designed to fit Greg Fox's resin '78 Corvette F/C resin body. Please contact me at chilidogdecals@yahoo.com for pricing and shipping details. I take Paypal.

Thanks for choosing "ChiliDog" Drag Racing Decals :D

"Old Guys with Bad Eyes" 1/16 drag race modelers group welcome YOU!

04 March 2012 - 09:03 PM

Hi Guys and Gals.....Art Loveland....I hope you will join us in helping the resurfacing of the 1/16 classic drag race modeling movement...We are on the grow and we need all the help and encouragement we can to keep this most needed facet of modeling alive...Rob Milani (our founder), our members and I and are doing what we can at this very minute to ensure we have a strong resin parts & F/C bodies, aftermarket and proposed re-releases of classic kits are just beyond the horizon...Please be a part!...YOU MATTER... 'Old guys with Bad Eyes' stick out our hand of friendship in 1/16 drag race modeling comradary to you! Sincerely.....Art "ChiliDog" Loveland http://www.facebook....93675460730528/

Breaking NEWS Model King/Revell-1/16 and YOU!

18 January 2012 - 11:00 AM

Thanks everyone here at Model Cars Magazine ...

I have great new news for us guys concerning a kit under the Model King name and
brokered partnership with Revell.

Note: these are NOT rumors they are facts directly from Model King...

Dave Burket the Model King (who has also become my business partner as well),
told me to tell you (the 1/16 modeling public),directly that he is going to make
every effort to get a deal with Revell! He has already been in touch with
Revell's people and it's just a time thing with Revell now...It's been Dave's
experience...that Revell can take a while, (not a great length of time),to get
the product off the floor and in his hands... Keep in mind...noone not me, not
Dave, no one knows what Revell will do with this now...no papers are signed at
this point and it's in Revell's hands to make a reasonable profit margin
happen...But it is Dave's experience with dealing with Revell that's going to
make this work...In fact there have been quite a few recewnt ventures with
Revell that Model King has been dealing with....Revell recently visited Dave at
the Model King facility in Toms River NJ...so they are on super terms.

Now,... I want to put some rumors to rest...Concerning rhetorical conversation
that you may have heard about Dave's lack of interest in re-popping another kit
or (kit's)in succession....
Dave is not ALL about the money!...Yes he wants to make a profit, that's
understandable..but contrary to what the guys out here think about Dave not
wanting to get back in this because of slow sales on the other previous 1/16
kits he released, he wants me to tell you directly that it's simply not true. He
has several kits that he's released in the past (not just 1/16 mind you), that
move slower and he still does them because he liked the subject matter and
doesn't care that it takes a little longer to move them...Dave is in the model
car business because flat out...he's a modeler, a collector a racecar guy!
Selling building, trading in model cars especially racing vehicles is his
primary interest and has been so for over 20 years..So you see, Dave's already
got money folks he doesn't need count on this sale to be the giant over top
boomer that some of his releases have been. He's doing this because he's a drag
racing guy,..he's giving it a chance because he's trusting us to help him move
these kits in a reasonable length of time, and he likes working with honest drag
race oriented people. That's exactly folks what we need out here in 1/16 land...

Keep this in mind!!!...Our response to what he is offering us determines how
much product he is willing to stick his neck out for guys...so Dave and I are
trusting you to give him the sales...my job will be working with YOU my 1/16
modeling public to make this stuff the striking success that I know it will
be...I've worked very hard in negotiations with all parties involved but it has
been my pleasure!...Dave is a great guy, I couldn't ask for a better guy to work
This comes directly from Dave...
He wants "Model King" to be 'THE PLACE' for 1/16th modelers and aftermarket to
look for 1/16 kits"! And he's going to try every way possible to continue to
work with us in the long term if we can make these kits move within a reasonable
time frame... You see, Dave doesn't want to release just one kit... and that's
the end of it...no..he will continue to offer Revell 1/16 historical 70's kits
in succession IF they move...how often they will be released will determine
what and when the kits will come out...so if you want to see diggers and funnys
from Revell under the Model King label and distribution,.. he wants to be our

Subject matter and quantity to begin with...
The first kit will be the re-issue of the Tom the Mongoo$e McEwen Navy funny car
from 1974...I do not know exactly at this point what the box will look like,..
that is yet to be determined. I have the feeling it will appear just as the
original , but I do not know for sure. Dave likes to adhere to Revell's
historical images on the kit boxes. He is going to shoot for around 3000 kit's
of this initial release.

OK this is not going to be popular with some of us: The kit will remain
unchanged from the original...same tires..everything...Why??? Because Model King
has no control over Revell's manufacturing process..He is simply a release
broker and re-distributer of their product....he will try and do his best to see
to it that we have higher quality graphics on the decal..that's about as far as
Revell will go...quality issue advances of course will be implemented.

I'm going to call Jim White and Tom McEwen this afternoon to tell them the good
news! Of course Tom and Dave are friends so his cut or whatever is required will
be their issue to negotiate.

OK I hope this clears some stuff up for you guys... and it is my hope you will
be pleased with my efforts to bridge the gap between us modelers and a major
model kit broker.
I will continue to negotiate the kits we want with Dave..

If you have any questions give them to me and I will try and answer them the
best I can with the info I get...please do not swamp Dave with calls...I will
rep.. him until the kit is released..then if you wish to call him feel free.
Your footwork has already been done guys!I'm here to help....
The fact that we have a 1/16 modeling broker on our side I feel is a MAJOR
In Modeling
Art "Chilidog" Loveland and Dave "Model King" Burket
If anyone wishes to call me I'm in Tipton, Indiana

P.S. Aftermarket guys I will be in touch by phone.

A special Thanks to Jim White with his fine work in this venture and Ed Sexton at Revell. ...Keep up the good work guys...we all will benefit from this worthwhile project to put 1/16 back in the corp. eye.

att. Revell... 1/16 drag racing modelers need your attention!

13 January 2012 - 07:54 AM

Hello drag racing modelers!...
I'm Art Loveland a participant for quite a few years in resin drag race modeling and decal art...many know me simply as Chilidog...lol..I thought it highly important that an issue come to light among our daily traffic here. 1/16 model car building is for the most part a vanishing craft.

Please take the time to read this worthwhile attempt to resurrect interest and participation....

We need another 70's 1/16 funny car kit re-popped badly from Revell or the aftermarket prodcucers to re-pop the old Aurora kit....
I don't care which but the Gene Snow Vega, Jungle Jim Vega or Prudhomme Army Vega would be the logical chioces. There would be a ton of cars that could be done off of those bodies with an amazing quality Chuck Boerner decal.The resin aftermarket already supplies the conversions for 73-74 Vega swaps in resin so it wouldn't matter what kit they chose to do! I think if they did re-pop a 1/16 funny, (which is in my opinion they probably won't again because of price expense of the larger kits and demand), it would most likely be the Mongoo$e Duster, because Revell is on a roll with Tom McEwen. We really need to take advantage of this, because Tom has been so supportive. He's really getting quite elderly, so times running out guys....Seaze the opportunity now!!!!!...I know that sounds terrible, but with all respect to him it's true..(he's been the only guy in recent years that's really helped push the 70's drag racing model car hobby from within the drag racing celebrity realm). Revell most likely will never respond if we do not have people from within helping us promote.. The Charger or M/T Grand Am is just OK, because we need a chassis badly for the resin body aftermarket..If you dig the Grand Am, fine,... but how many cars can you build with that body??? 4 maybe?? Not a lot of flexibility for collectors there....Don't get me wrong, I'm not griping if they do the Grand Am again....just so we have a 1/16 F/C chassis to work with for the resin body market! Greg Fox,(one of a handful of 1/16 resin body makers), need our backing or this 1/16 70's F/C thing will surely die in a few short years.....

Any of the 1/16 RE diggers will do as they're nearly the same kit with the front wing and a few details on the engine being the exception. Last but not least they could re-pop the FE rail...any car would do. The resin aftermarket could supply the detail swaps.

We truly need a revival in 1/16 70's kits or support in the aftermarket or it's done folks,
let's face it .....
The expense would come down a little as well,.... maybe $20-$50 per build just based on the fact that we would be skipping the Evilbay middleman collector prices of these kits...which is absolutely rediculas to say the least. Collector price explosion is just killing us!!!! These things jumped $40 in 1 year!!!! Horrible....It's money in OUR pocket to take the time to beat Revell's door down again and get this stuff going...Will they listen?Posted Image...probably not...but I for one am not going down without a fight... and (with all due respect, mind you), if you care about this crazy 1/16 hobby, you shouldn't either. Act now guys!!! Contact Revell as I intend to again...Get out your signs and walkin' shoes geezers it's time to march!!!...well just kiddin', but I can't stress our participation enough.

Well, theres my take...If you don't like 1/16 you probably wouldn't care,.... No complaints for the folks who build in 1/25, we need those kits too and I highly support their needs, but I personally will never build in the small scale again...I'm getting too old to build the small stuff because of my hands and eyes. The kits are much easier to detail.....Not only that guys,...these things are just soooo cool when completed!!!!...their large size just looks impressive.

....if you would like to talk 1/16 drag modeling give me a call at 1-765-675-4109...I'll get you in contact with the right people to start your builds with aftermarket parts/decals...or heck we'll just gab about it. We need more 1/16 modelers!!!! I'll do everything I can to help you out.

Whew...that's a lot of typing....But someone needed to speak up again guys and well....I just did...Am I just beating a dead dog here??? Chime in....

Godspeed in modeling....Art 'Chilidog' Loveland