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Contest time. What I'm taking this year

02 April 2015 - 06:15 PM

Well guys, in my area there are 2 contests at car shows over the next 2 weekends. Here's what I'm bringing. 11 total but these 4 are the newest builds and some of you may know them from here. They are the "what if" cuda, the "super" bee, the "day two" camaro and the " nasty notch" mustang

1967 Camaro "day two" resto mod

29 March 2015 - 12:54 PM

Hey everyone. I got this one off the bench this afternoon. It's the new RM camaro. I built this with a bit of a back story. It goes something like this, a young man with deep pockets got a brand new SS396 in 67. After falling in love with the car he wanted to go faster as bigger badder stuff came out. He did not want to part with his beloved 67 so he did what any hot rodder would do. He built a nice street machine. He added big and little torque thrusts, slapper bars for traction, I nicer wood steering wheel but the big news came from under the hood. He had aquired an all aluminum 427 and put it in there with a few goodies like headers, valve covers and air filter setup. I was after a nice street machine from say around 1970. How did I do?

67 Camaro SS396 "day two" WIP. Mar 24 update

11 January 2015 - 06:10 PM

Hey guys. I will change the title a bit tmo once the car arrives. I have this build in my head even though I have a vette, duster and the torino engine on my bench. I will have this new one in my hands tmo but I was wondering if you guys ever build around parts you just have and didn't know what to do with? I found this wheel and tire setup hiding in my stash. They are big/little torq thrusts in white metal/aluminum. I added the redlines today. What could these be going on? Guesses?

RM 68 firebird into 69 trans am

10 December 2014 - 07:22 AM

Is this the next logical step for this kit? I would buy many

1971 duster on steroids may 23. Some paint!

24 November 2014 - 05:19 AM

Hey guys, I got the itch to build something different and a mopar fit the bill. The vette is still slowly moving as is the torino engine. I got the amt kit from a member here and just couldn't wait! I was going to go factory stock but until I nail down all the details on a stock one I'm going nasty street car! I already made a hood by adding a 69 super bee six pack scoop, mini tubbed it and did a few other small things. Power is coming from the cross rammed hemi from the 68 dart as well as Dana rear and inboard springs. It will have a cage and subframe connectors as well. It will also have full exhaust. It will look something like this