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In Topic: New kits with flaws.

Today, 05:47 PM

There's plenty of other issues, too, such as the 60 C-10 showing the old annual kit, the 68 Barracuda and 69 Charger Daytona showing rims that weren't in the kit, etc.

In Topic: New kits with flaws.

Today, 05:12 PM


At the risk of straying off topic, what are checkerboard kits?


In the early '00s AMT sold kits through Walmart. There were a couple different box art styles that were exclusive to the store, one of them being individual kits that had a built-up model on the box top with a checkerboard background and a road graphic off to one side. The other style was built-up models with some sort of cityscape in the background; these were usually part of a 3- or 4-kit bundle.

In Topic: 77 gmc wrecker and gmc pick up kit bash

Today, 07:50 AM

Keep in mind the GMC pickup is 1:24 scale and the wrecker is 1:25 scale. Cutting out the engine on the wrecker and transplanting one isn't too difficult, although what bugged me the most about the wrecker was the molded in windshield visor. I swapped the cab for one from the related Chevy pickup, like so:




This is a bit of an older picture as I have progressed on this build since then. I'll try to get some current shots soon.  B)

In Topic: White Interior Combinations

18 December 2014 - 05:09 PM


Here's some ideas to spice up interiors.. just imagine white instead of black on the last one.  These were 1980s cars, I don't even remember which ones, that I posted for someone many years ago!


My favourite white 80s interior that I have seen was in a Challenger (Mitsubishi based) that had white seats with blue plaid inserts! Dash and carpet were also blue. Looked pretty spiffy!

In Topic: Straight Trade Revell 64/65 Chevy pickup beds

17 December 2014 - 01:40 PM

I really just need the box itself and the steps; I'll be using a set of 67-72 fenders on it. Just waiting to hear back from Gabriel; Matthew will be next in line if Gabriel can't find his kit in his stash (boy do I know what that can be like!).