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In Topic: Moebius International ProStar build. Cab mounted, 6-21-14

12 April 2014 - 04:43 AM

Thanks everyone. The temp outside is a bit cold to paint, so the truck cab won't get painted today. I did get the panel line filled in and ready though, so I'm happy about that.


I found out why the wheelbase looks so messed up J.T. It seems that Moebius modeled this kit from the redesigned 2013 ProStar. I'm building a copy of the truck I drove, which is a 2012 ProStar... There is a vent between the hood, and the doors that make the cab 3 to 4 scale inches longer, and pushes the cab back as well. it looks as the the sleeper is longer too, but I don't have the measurements to compare.


I was wondering, how much difference is there between the maxxforce and a Cummins? The truck I drove had a Cummins. Can I just paint it red and get away with it, or do I need to do a complete overhaul of the engine?



big difference between the max -force and cummins engines, not sure you can create the cummins from the max force