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Today, 02:06 PM

it could also be that bringing it up here again with details and super secret exploded diagrams (no diagrams were harmed in the explosions) will get more people excluded from the coveted "insider" brigade.


could be...





Why do they have to hide anything? Are they worried they might receive any kind of criticism? Or even help with the tooling? Godforbid they try to get something right for once! 

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Today, 01:51 PM

>Pointing out a kits obvious flaws is a legitimate, even necessary, part of any "review" thread.


you should probably work for Revell. that's what was needed at some point: a critical evaluation of what they had there, before giving the go ahead for production. and maybe it did happen, and maybe the execs said, aw what kid is gonna care about that. f it, run it! 


at that point any delay or rework is $ off the bottom line and if you have to fix such complicated things as the entire back fenders and trunk panels you almost might as well start over again. so the evaluation should have happened at the DRAWING stage.


I cannot believe they would get something so obvious as that rear panel so wrong, and once the fender curvature was pointed out, I cannot unsee that either. and its not like there isn't a bleedin Camaro behind every other service station (note: "service station") out there in middle America and they are hard to find or something.




This is probably the 5th or so kit that has such blatant errors, it really seems that no one there cares. I don't know how many times I've said it. And if these posts get read by any corporate person, that show us you give an S and fix things. 

In Topic: Revell 67 Camaro

Today, 01:48 PM

I've been reading through this thread, and it always comes down to the same thing: the people who can see and identify a kit's flaws are called "rivet counters" or whatever by the people who either A, don't see the flaws, or B, see the flaws but don't care.


Either way is fine! If you are the "rivet counter" type, or someone who expects a scale model to be accurate, that's absolutely fine, and a completely realistic expectation.


And those of you who don't care about accuracy, or are willing to overlook obvious flaws in a kit and are perfectly happy with a model that sort of looks like the subject, that's fine, too!


We all have our own expectations.


What I'm really tired of seeing, though, is the "I don't care about the kit's flaws" group always jumping on anyone who does care.


This (and most other "review" threads) is about the kit, its pros and cons, whether it's accurate or not, possible problems with assembly, etc. Pointing out a kits obvious flaws is a legitimate, even necessary, part of any "review" thread.


So there really is no point in posting things like "I don't care about the mistakes in the kit" or "Stop complaining, there will never be a perfect kit," etc. in a thread where the kit's accuracy is being discussed. We're not talking about your preferences or expectations, we're talking about the model's accuracy (or lack of).


If you don't care about a kit's accuracy, great! Build it and have fun. But don't bash the people who DO care and who DO have higher expectations and who DO expect the manufacturer to get it right. I mean seriously... if you don't care about the flaws in the kit, why are you even commenting on them in the first place? 

Excellently said Harry. 


Don't forget, those types that are against these reviews also take personal offense to them also. Come on guys, if you're on Revell's payroll just man up already. Otherwise stop it with the bs attitude. 

In Topic: Revell 67 Camaro

Today, 01:45 PM

Boy, you guys are just looking for problems.

Gee, you would think a company would have someone do that BEFORE selling something.

In Topic: Revells 1984 Olds 442

Today, 10:54 AM

So someone is a part of a new kit development. Gets excited and posts about it. Get everyone else excited about it. Revell finds out and stalls the project. Sounds like Revell's geniuses at work once again.