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In Topic: Daytona Day!

24 February 2013 - 01:40 PM

I thought the race was exciting enough and harkened back to the early 1980s (or perhaps the early 90s). Cars could separate and race or at least spread out a little wider in the draft, none of this two by two pack racing stuff from last year (which the Nationwide race had). I think the primary reason for the "boring" (others terms, not mine) was down to the relative newness of the cars and drivers backing off a little to avoid a repeat of yesterday. Biffle said that was primarily why he didn't drop low to do a block of Dale and Mark since Dale got a HUGE head of steam up on the low side. They got the race in clean and no green, white checker was needed (although that one wreck potentially could have brought a caution). But, give it the next plate race or two and I'm sure things will get back closer to what I hate, the tight packs.

In Topic: The Wreck

23 February 2013 - 08:40 PM

I've had a growing fear something like this might happen since April 2009 when Edwards' car got catapulted into the catch fencing at Talladega. This tight pack BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH really sucks big rocks IMHO because we currently have the situation where one car starts to spin and if a second and third (and in some cases a fourth) car hits it right, it IS going airborne. I remember Bodine's truck crash as well since I caught the tail end of it live when watching it on TV and I knew it was bad when the announcer said "we'll be back in a moment" with a slightly choked up voice. A lot of us thought Geoff had died that day. Fortunately he didn't.


The old crashes from before restrictor plates were mainly due to one car starting to go backwards and the body acting like an airplane wing, picking up the car and flipping it. The roof flaps have more or less made that obsolete these days as about the only time a single car gets airborne is because it hits a rut in the grass. So as I see it, IF something can be found to get the cars to separate so you don't have a tight pack chain reaction crash like this (or at least lesson the likelihood of it) so much the better.

In Topic: 24 Hour Build Project....Tim Richmond's '87 Monte Carlo

04 February 2013 - 05:00 PM

:wacko:   :wub:  B)


Ohhh my, only way I might have tried something like this would have been with a Michael Waltrip Bahari Racing Pennzoil Pointiac since it had fewer contingency sponsors! DANG good job for a 24 hour build. So are you seeing weird mirages now due to the sleep deprivation?

In Topic: just finished my 73 dodge 1/16 scale

04 February 2013 - 04:49 PM

That just seems like a long way to go to get stripes. Think about it, you're actually taping the car three times before you even mask the larger areas. First there's the tape line you lay down where the stripe should be, then you have to lay tape inside the red and outside over the blue. Why wouldn't you just mask off for the red, then after spraying the white base, go around the edge with the Aizu and then spray the red?


Actually, I would do the white pinstripe AFTER the blue and red are down so that the white traps the edges of the red and the blue. Typically that tends to be the way it is done anyway even on full size cars.


But, if one wanted to, they could primer the body in white, than mask the pin-stripe, than do the red (since it is a dayglo color it should go on white) and finally the blue as long as care is taken not to pull off the pinstripe mask. So when all is said and done, pull off the white stripe mask and if everything went well, a nice perfect white stripe with everything trapped just nice to it. Only problem as I see it is if a lot of blue and/or red is built up, it might produce a bit of a step.


Sure, it may seem a bit convoluted, but masking tape is relatively cheap and if one is going to do it, might as well do it right. You know the tape is going to have to be pitched in the trash anyway after use, so it isn't like one is wasting tape all that much as you are still spending more money on paint than anything. Besides, by doing a similar technique, I was able to achieve nice results doing THIS:




Yes, it is not a car model. It is a replica of the Moonraker space shuttle from the Bond films (1/72 scale with the completed model standing about 3 feet tall). But, by using a combination of skinny Aizu tape and Tamiya tape, I was able to not only mask perfectly straight stripes that remained at constant widths, I was also able to use Aizu to help mask off a skinny pinstripe that ran parallel to the fatter ones. I did this by laying down the tape next to one another side by side and pulling up the mask for the pin stripe I wanted to spray orange along with the fat lines (and the gray area behind the orange stripes). I also used the same technique to do the black lines on the rudder split for the tail. The results were superior to what I could have achieved with either decals or trying to hand paint that. With a little finesse, I could have given these lines some gentle curves as well. Sharper curves would have been a bit trickier, but still possible.


Tape is a tool and it can be used a lot of ways. Sure, doing it this way might mean more work, but believe me the results could look pretty crisp and clean if the time and care is taken to do it properly. The best part about using paint is you don't have to worry so much about dealing with the sometimes translucent nature of white decal stripes. Masking might take a couple hours, but painting on the white stripe might take 20 minutes tops with an airbrush (including cleanup time). A spraycan would be a little trickier due to the high flow nature of the paint, but it would still theoretically be possible.

In Topic: 1997 Jay Sauter Goodwrench Silverado

04 February 2013 - 04:33 PM

Must have been Martinsville or Bristol :lol:  Nice job on the weathering.

Heck, in the truck series, that could have been ANY race! ;)


Nice job!