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Fort Collins Car Show

08 September 2014 - 09:47 AM

Met up with some of my coworkers in Olde Town Fort Collins, CO to check out some nice cars:

Everything from European sports cars to classic American iron, and rods to resto's.


Here is a sampling of what was there.  You can check out the rest here: http://s1103.photobu...ollins Car show






Can anyone identify this vehicle?

11 May 2014 - 10:40 AM

I stumbled upon this bizarre conveyance while doing a random image search, and haven't been able to find any info' on it.  It's clearly from some B movie, but which one?

     I love the look, and want to build something similar, since I just happen to have acquired some earth-mover tires and was wondering what to do with them.


Cadilac wrecker... No, really...

06 April 2014 - 09:02 AM

Another installment from my Fourney Museum visit.

Bet you haven't seen one of these before.





Emelia Earhart's Yellow Peril

05 April 2014 - 02:05 PM

     When my Parents were out visiting this past summer, my Dad and I left the girls at the quilting exhibit and took a trip to the Fourney  Museum.  They have a rather eclectic collection; mostly cars, but also motor cycles, models and three full size steam locomotives.  One display that really caught my attention was this 1923 Kissel "Gold Bug" Speedster owned by Emelia Earhart.

     I have a few more pictures of this car if anyone is interested.

     This post will be the first of many as I get the pic's uploaded to my photo bucket.

The plaque gives the background story of this car.





Next installment will be a Very unique Caddy.