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Writing text on plastic model windows.. What works?

18 August 2014 - 12:12 AM

As in a handwritten sign, i.e. just married, for sale, etc.


Looking to get the effect of white handwritten words on the windows, without the hassle of having to use white paint and a fine brush, with the associated risks of poor flowing paint and slips of the hand destroying the model...

Scale Mustang Kit questions

29 July 2014 - 04:03 AM

Hi all,


Several queries to ask so I figured I'd stick them all in the one post.


As most of my US car kits have to come from online and abroad I don't have the luxury of asking for a peek in the box at the local model shop.


Does anyone know is there any inbox reviews or photos even of the 1:16 AMT 64.5-65 Mustang kit? I built this back in the day as a Matchbox AMT issue (and I think I even still have the hulk somewhere). I know it's not the best kit of a Mustang but interested in it as a nostalgia build and the price seems ok. Just wondering what decals are included, and what spare parts are in there (might even be able to replace the missing bits on the original!)



What kit is recommended for each of the following;

71-73 Mustang, AMT or MPC tooling? I gather neither are great but I only want a shelf model. A curbside would even do!

Second Gen 74-78 what AMT kits are able to build stock version (I see a "Firefighter" issue, but I don't want a Drag car).

Third Gen 79-86 Fox body I see AMT and Revell kits. What's the preferred option? Accurate shape more important than detailed builds.

Third Gen 87-93 Aero facelift? I see the Revell 90 LX is getting a bit of a hammering. Any others?

Fourth Gen 94-04. Both Revell (99) and AMT (97) and Monogram (94) have this in their lines, recent issues even. Again, what do the wise folks on here recommend?


As a guide, I've got the old AMT 66 Notchback, 68 GT500, 69 Mach 1(1/27th scale!) and modern tooled 67GT under my belt. They don't scare me!

The Lindberg 63 concept does a bit though!

I've also got most of the modern Revell 05- and 09- kits, which I love.


Thanks in advance,


Aftermarket modern Mustang wheels? Need your advice!

07 July 2014 - 11:00 AM

Does anyone know is there any aftermarket (or kit even) wheels that might pass as this;




These are on a 2010/11 V6 convertible.


or even the BBS style as seen here;


Thanks in advance,