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454 SS shop truck

04 May 2012 - 03:54 AM

yeah yeah yeah, I know. Between my 64 chevy truck, 70's chevy 4x4, 34 ford truck, plus a catalina, a gmc wrecker, 49 merc, and chevy street pickup that haven't been worked on in ages, and now this, I have about ten bazillion projects going on right now but I can't help myself. When an idea pops in my head I have to start it. Finishing it is a whole other story but we won't go there today. Anyway, what we have here is an amt 454 ss I got on ebay as an opened kit parts lot, it came with the mad mudder axles and wheels that I'm using on my other truck so I'm guessing someone was wanting to convert it to 4x4 but didn't get very far. The kit seemed to be all there until I started going through it, upon finding that one of the front spindles was missing I was slightly disheartened (I was thinking "dang, what do I do now") after about a day or two of pondering I decided to man up and hone my scratchbuilding skills and made one out of a parts tree, I still need to make the part the tie rod mounts to but the main part is finished as you can see in the next two pictures.
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As for the direction this build is going, my plan is to go the retro shop truck route. the kit will be pretty much box stock aside from the wheels and pie crust drag slicks from the 62 catalina and some tweaking to get the suspension lower. I'm going flat black with some patina and lime green wheels and engine and possibly white interior and a dash from and older 50's or 60's car

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lifted 70's chevy truck

30 April 2012 - 06:32 PM

I'm starting with the monogram chevy 4x4, I added the axles from the revell mad mudder, and the wheels are aftermarket. other than that, the build will be pretty much box stock aside from wiring etc. and possible scratchbuilt bumper. as of now I need to make a longer rear drive shaft and a few things before I get the frame in paint.

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64 chevy pickup gluebomb rebuild

30 April 2012 - 10:22 AM

I built this kit back in middle school when I wasn't so experienced or patient. It all came apart surprisingly easy and only had a few pieces break and not beyond repair. Plans include cleaning up all the edges, modifying the suspension to make it sit lower, a new paint job, and possibly a wheel change. any tips or suggestions are welcome and I would greatly appreciate it if someone had a pdf file of the instruction sheet for this kit.

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revell square body chevy stepside

22 April 2012 - 08:44 AM

I won this on ebay a week or so ago as a parts lot for $4. Upon recieving it in the mail, I realized the truck is complete (I didn't care for the boat or trailer any way). The frame has already been glued and the engine has been started. I'm not sure on my plans yet, part of me wants to narrow the rear axle a tad so the wheels wont stick out and look funny like they usually do with this kit and change over to a big block. The other part of me wants to just build it box stock so I can say I've finished something. Any ideas?

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Photobucket of most recent projects

16 April 2012 - 08:19 AM

I'm fairly new the to forum here and I've only posted 1 or 2 of my projects so I figured I'd post a link to my photobucket album so you could see my other projects along with some vehicles I've owned in the past and who knows what else. enjoy