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Yesterday, 05:26 PM

If the model is glued together with a solvent-type glue, then no, brake fluid has no effect. Solvent glues actually melt the plastic and fuse the two parts together.


There is a huge (21 pages) paint stripping thread with all your answers at the top of this heading, called ''Paint Strippers-What to Use?"  If that's too hard, click here...http://www.modelcars...showtopic=83153

In Topic: "I thought that I would let you paint them and put them together for me..."

Yesterday, 05:09 PM

Why bother building a half-azzed model for $20? i don't get it. No satisfaction in doing mediocre or worse work...to me anyway. Sure not worth $20 to me to build crapp to pass on to someone who doesn't know any better.


But I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder. An aviation shop I worked at for a while got $15k to $35k (the shop rate back then was $35 per hour...you do the math) to strip and refinish composite sailplanes.




It's highly skilled work, cause you CAN'T use chemical stripper, and if you go too deep with the sander, you've destroyed a $100,000+ airplane. Plus, the 30 foot wings have to be blocked dead straight, several times. We did close to perfect work, and the aircraft that came out of our shop looked at least as good as new, with better finishes that would last MUCH longer than the factory gelcoat.


Guy comes in wanting a price and goes away shaking his head. Brings the airplane back in a couple of weeks, all proud and wanting to show us up," 'cause he did it hisself and saved a hole lotta money". It looked like it had been painted with used rollers and dirty brushes by drunk chimps (or drunk 5-year olds) with sander gouges in the fiberglass that weakened the structure.


He had his wife with him, and apparently she was just as clueless. When we asked her how long he spent on it, she beamed and said "oh my... 2 whole weekends !!!".


It looked like it, too.

In Topic: Custom / Concept '09 Challenger SportWagon: It's still alive. July 19

Yesterday, 03:58 AM

Thanks again for all the enthusiastic and positive comments. I'm really trying to get a few minutes in on it every day, just to keep it moving forward...at least a little.

In Topic: Custom '49 Merc

Yesterday, 02:42 AM

Without doubt the most heavily modified '49 Merc I've ever seen. Nice craftsmanship marrying all those disparate elements.

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Yesterday, 02:30 AM

The Fiat 500 "Topolino" represented in that kit was produced looking much the same from about 1936 until 1949. You should be safe calling it a late-'30s car.


Some history...     http://www.fiat.com/...t-500-topolino#