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In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Today, 01:42 PM


It was every mean old nun's duty to break you of that left hand habit!  Even if they had to break your hand with a ruler!


Oh MAN !!! Add 'em to the defendants in the suit...

In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Today, 01:38 PM

Speaking of being left-handed...


This didn't irk me today. It irked me when I was a kid in grade school and we had those chairs with the "desk" type of tray surface thingie attached to them. They were all for right-handed people. Try writing on a desk like that when you're left-handed.  :(


Where was the ACLU when I needed them?  :lol:


Hey...it's probably not too late to start a class-action suit against every school and manufacturer that standardized those chairs. I'm left handed too, and the childhood stress they caused is still affecting me with recurring PTSD. I smell $$$$. ;) ;)

In Topic: Show us some unusual Mustangs

Today, 01:32 PM

Wow...the streamlined dragster is pretty cool. I'd never seen that one before. The poor "'71 Shelby prototype" on the other hand, looks like some thinly disguised 'future-car' from a low-budget sci-fi flick.

In Topic: You know racing generates many new ideas on new cars?

Today, 01:24 PM

Here we go starting threats to make fun of things again...Way to discourage expression of creativity on a site that's designed to encourage and showcase it...


No, not really.


Here we go again trying to thwart somebody pointing out poor, awful, ugly design.


There's good looking stuff, and then there's hideous in EVERY genre, and teaching people to look farther than just "different" and to recognize "taste" and "proportion" and "flow" is a good thing. I mean, they have things called "design schools" that help students learn how to differentiate between this...




...and this...Image.jpg?p=130521_02:05



Of course, if YOU like the first one better and want to say so, that's OK too. :)

In Topic: Show us some unusual Mustangs

Today, 11:16 AM

Oh yes...definitely getting there.