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24 April 2012 - 12:05 PM

I figured starting a thread discussing just transmission for these types of cars would be beneficial to not only me but anyone else considering really any kind of drag car build. Leno isn't the only choice. lol Pros and cons of different choices. Thanks for your input. Lets see what everyone thinks.

"This is for my current 10.5 twin turbo mustang build."
"I was considering changing from a standard lenco and going with a bruno drive considering its a 10.5 car. Possible even a glide. What do you guys think?? Also do you have a good reference photos of what ever transmission you think should go into this car?? Thanks for letting me ask you advice. What do you say?? "

10.5 tire outlaw Twin Turbo Mustang BACK TO WORK ! :)

12 April 2012 - 08:51 PM

Sorry for the delay, I am finally feeling better. Sorry I had to make everyone wait as I was really appreciating your comments. All of your comments makes me want to better and cleaner work. I decided to completely start the chassis over from the beginning as I must have been really sick when I put that thing together, Still at the beginning although I did get the doors opened up and have the front clip removed as well. Lots of work left but I will post everything as I go. Open to ideas comments and again I appreciate everyone who provides feedback. Hope you all enjoy. and Thanks again.... Nick

Also.. I cant find anyone who has any turbos this is 1/24 scale. I tried the guy on this forum that used to produce them. He doesn't know when he will get back to offering them. If anyone has a source that would be great.

I also did manage to get my motor ordered for this project. lets just say still going to be twin turbo as planned but HUGE CUBES.... :)

I wanted to try a new paint on the first part of the cage. Its a new gunmetal flake mix . it looks eactly like my 1:1 chrome molly cage. It looks more real than I could have imagined. I will try and show side by sides. Again Thanks for the support and looking. Nick

10.5 tire Outlaw Twin Turbo Mustang

01 April 2012 - 11:37 PM

New to the board saw a lot of things going on here I like. I decided to go ahead and post my build with others who will be able to appreciate this hobby. The car in the pictures is just mocked up sitting with some ideas I am toying with. By no means anywhere near the quality I will put into the final layout. I am def. going twin turbo with a water to air inter cooler in the passenger seat location, as well as all associated plumbing and cooling tanks required for such a drag car. These are the kinds of cars I drive on the weekends now I will have something to build during the week. Thoughts Ideas comments welcome. And Thank you for all of your inspiration..... Nick