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Le mans Mazda 767b

13 June 2012 - 07:17 PM

with le mans running within the week and my confidence high I am going to attempt to build one of my favorite group c cars!

I am sure most of you know this but this car is not the "more famous" 787b this is the earlier version and more successful 767b. (i plan to build both)

In 1989 Mazda put three 767B's on the Le mans GTP class, all three completed the run and made a exclusive victory winning the first, second and third prizes.

This is a Hasegawa kit, original release in 1990, the decals are good and everything seems to be good, the body does have a lot of sinc marks but nothing to bad!

Posted Image
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I really want to take my time with this model and do everything slowly and neat!

Nissan Silvia (S110) H.T.RS Fujimi 1/24

13 June 2012 - 04:44 AM

The photos are bad I know, but it's still raining in sydney almost 12 days strait so no sunlight to shoot in,

completed my second model... this time with added interior. please check out my WIP thread if you haven't already. I am pleased with everything on this model. except the front windscreen will not stick to the roof, it was simply just molded to small and there isn't enough surface area for the glue to bond. kind of disapointing but this model was very detailed. no engine but in the box there were about 2-3 different options for seats,mirrors,plates,spoilers,windscreen wipers,bodywork, lights so it was a joy to pick the parts I liked and wanted.

I included a shot with my Toyota corona from the same time period.
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Please give me some honest feedback or tips.

I make models because I am obsessed with automotive design.

But I choose to display my work online so I can gain feedback from fellow model builders!

Nissan Silvia (S110) H.T.RS Fujimi 1/24

13 June 2012 - 03:26 AM

Hi all, back again with my second build as an adult builder!,

I have chosen the Nissan Silvia (S110) H.T.RS Fujimi 1/24
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this kit falls in my field of interest of classic Japanese cars, and this also features tuning parts from a very popular and semi-famous tuning shop IMPUL, I am planning to do this kit with a nissan skyline R31, also from nissan and also from the same era!,

ok lets get this going! after my first kit i plan to take my time and make sure it is much more detailed and properly constructed, it looks like a fairly simple kit and I will be building this strait OOB with no mods,

Posted Image

this kit had heaps of sinc marks and a fair few problems with the body, I started on the body first, i sanded and tried to make the kit look as smooth and correct as possible, I then sprayed the body and the rear and front spliter in tamiya fine surface primer, i have then chosen to paint the car in tamiya TS-27 matt white, and this paint if a b**ch to apply, it is strait from the can but for some reason it is not consistent, I let the can warm up in some warm water for about 2-3 mins and applied the paint, some sprays were heavy whilst the next one would have very little paint, it was very frustrating,
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I now how the body/panels in about 3 coats of white and i need to fix up a few spots with sanding and one more pass before i will be happy,
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Posted Image

I have now starte with the wheels, these are IMPUL wheels, these wheels were huge in the 80's almost every nissan procuded had a set of these on them!

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1/24 1982 corona HT 2000GT,my first ever build,

03 April 2012 - 10:51 PM


This is my first build and first post, :)

I have collected 1:18 and 1:24 die-cast cars for a few years and I started to find it extremely hard for me to find die-cast replicas of the models I want, so I thought, I would try models kits, I am currently an Industrial design student and I am comfortable building prototype models and using modeling material,
so here we go, the first model I have ever made, this took me over the course of about 2-3 weeks, about 10-15 hrs all up,

I have had a look around the site and haven't found to many vintage Japanese kits, so I am hoping that at least I am contributing to the forum in some new way.

The kit that I have chosen is the Aoshima, The best car Vintage No 58. Toyota Corona HT 2000GT
Attached File  IMG_0509.JPG   1.3MB   8 downloads

I was not a fan of the stock rims that came supplied with the kit, so I looked around and found this(period correct )kit also by Aoshima, This kit included new rims, some sideair pods and a few other goodies,
Attached File  IMG_0507.JPG   1.33MB   11 downloads

this is a photo of the new rims, left as is OOB and painted with Tamiya X-27 (clear red), I wanted to color match the rims, as was the style during the 80's, You might also notice that the ride height is lowered quite a bit, I was not happy with the final "stance" of the model, for some reason it was sitting way to high, so with a small drill and some replacing of some suspension parts I lowered the stance. I am extremely happy with the way it sits and think the new rims are well worth the time and effort
Attached File  IMG_0504.JPG   1.07MB   12 downloads

I did not take any photos whilst building as I did not think I was going to post on a forum,This is my first build ever, I used tamiya spray TS-39(mica red) as the base coat, I did not sand between coats or prime with any coat, for my next models this is a must, as I am not happy with the final outcome of the paint, I used masking tape and some fine brushes to apply the rest of the paint and decals were not as much of an issue as I thought they would be,
Attached File  IMG_0506.JPG   1.02MB   19 downloadsAttached File  IMG_0502.JPG   1.14MB   25 downloads

I have also placed this car on Japanese "trade plates"
Attached File  IMG_0505.JPG   988.22KB   21 downloads

This was my first build and I have allready learnt alot, Thank you for looking, please fell free to give my any tips or if my different rim choice was correct or not?, I will be building more vintage japanse soon

Thank you
Jack Graham
North Parramatta, NSW, AUS