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Ummm.. from Monty's post explaining how someone else did it. Page one. I don't/won't use Alclad myself. Like I said. Not worth the hassle.


Yes, I posted up a friend's results to refute the contention that Alclad only works well on smaller parts.  Why would he lie about the number of light mist coats it took to get that kind of shine?  He figured out a way to get a remarkable shine, and I'd say it's kinda hard to argue with the results.  


Sure, you can always just pay for the plating & shipping costs when you send your parts off, but to the best of my knowledge there are only two places who take this kind of work on, and and you may be waiting 4-6 weeks (based on other threads I've read) to get them back.  In addition, members of various modeling forums have posted poorly done work from both places, shown that sending them off for plating is no guarantee against cr@ppy work.


Meanwhile, with a little effort... 

In Topic: I tried Alcad 2 ...and it is pretty good!

18 September 2014 - 01:45 PM

I have heard good things from some that have tried using Krylon Silver Foil Metallic, they say its much better than using Alcald Chrome.


Any chance you could get us some pictures?

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18 September 2014 - 01:44 PM

Why has Coast Airbrush been out of Badger Anthem 155 airbrushes for so long?  When they had them in stock, you could buy them at a reasonable cost.  Now almost everybody's asking way more than they're worth on Ebay, Amazon etc.  

In Topic: I tried Alcad 2 ...and it is pretty good!

18 September 2014 - 10:55 AM

I'll stick to having my parts replated. The small amount of money it costs is well worth not having to attempt it with Alclad and still come out with sub standard looking "chrome". The wheels Monty posted are some of the best I've seen. But, still not worth the hassle IMO. Twenty to thirty coats of Alclad is a lot of paint. There would have to be a substantial loss of detail lost under all of that no matter how thin it's sprayed on.


Actually that's not correct.  Apparently you missed this part of purepmd's quote: The trick to the Alclad is very low pressure; 8-10 psi, and such light coats that you cannot even see the mist. You have to watch the part very closely to see the shine appear.